Marijuana Seed Strains Information | Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis Seeds Review

Your success in growing marijuana depends on the quality of cannabis seeds and the tools that you use. There are different types of marijuana plants that does well indoors, outdoors, or both. It is very important to know which marijuana strains can fit to the growing environment of your choice. Please take a look at the different marijuana seeds that we have listed in our website by clicking on any of the images below.

We understand that a lot of people need information about the marijuana seeds and where and how to buy them. We provide you the information that you need. All seeds that are listed here are proven to be of high quality strains. We have categorized them into:


Indoor Cannabis Strains


Outdoor Cannabis  Strains


Indoor/Outdoor Cannabis  Strains


Medical Cannabis  Strains


Feminized Cannabis Strains


You can Buy Marijuana Seeds from Online Seedbanks

There are a lot of marijuana seedbanks where you can buy weed seeds from. Seedbanks started to operate in the early 80s and have grown as time passes by. There have always been underground seedbanks but as recent laws regarding growing marijuana and the use of it and of course the internet, a lot of changes in industry have happened. Weed seeds store have become a growing industry and you can even find them online now. The marijuana seeds that are listed in our website are personally picked by Growing Marijuana Tips staff to make sure that you can find the best marijuana seeds for your own growing adventure.


Safety of Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Buying marijuana seeds online is safe because nobody owns the internet and everybody can do business online. There are even marijuana companies which are allowed to operate in selling seeds and they have business licenses, they are paying taxes and they are hiring employees. It is always recommended to check your country’s law before buying marijuana seeds online. Seedbanks offer discrete shipping for their seed products like putting the seeds in a CD, T-Shirt, or any other products. The shipping cost and time may differ depending on where you are located at. It usually takes 2 weeks for the seeds to arrive from Amsterdam to USA. There are some companies which don’t send their products to certain countries. They usually accept major credit cards, bank wire, or cash. Some seedbanks offer free seeds when you order their premium weed seeds. Just be careful in buying marijuana seeds because there are some seedbanks which are tricky. But, we can assure you that 99% are legitimate. Don’t worry because aside from the seed information or review that you can find in our website, we also recommend legitimate seedbanks where you can buy the seeds from.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Growing marijuana plants start with germinating your seeds the right way. Do not just plant the seeds right away. You need to germinate the weed seeds first before you can transfer it to whatever grow medium you have. Germination happens when the root and shoot begin to show up from the seed. However, the seeds stay dormant until it is put into the right conditions to begin to grow. There are a lot of ways to germinate seeds but the technique that you can see below is one of the best marijuana germination techniques that a lot of growers have been using:

Use Paper Towels in Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Here’s how to do it:

  • Lay layers of paper towels in a dish.
  • Put the seeds in the center of the dish where the paper towels were laid.
  • Lay 2 or more layers of paper towels on top of the seeds and moistened it with sterilized water.
  • Keep the dish in a warm dark area. The seeds germinate well in an 85 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit environment. This is also true with the other ways of germinating seeds. You should keep the seeds in a moistened and warm place.
  • Check the dish every day to check if it is still wet. To keep it moistened, use a water spray but do not flood the seeds.
  • Usually, seeds start to sprout within 24 hours but some seeds may take up to 10-12 days to start showing up their roots and shoots. Stays put and give your weed seeds enough time to sprout. Once it is ready for transfer, make sure not to force it to avoid from breaking the root tips.