Why Understanding pH is Important When You Are Growing Marijuana

The pH Level is very important in any scientific cases from pharmaceuticals, medical research, chemistry, and even agricultural sciences. The pH level is the rate of the acidity and alkalinity of a matter. It ranges from 1 to 14 where 1 as the most acidic and 14 as the most alkaline, while 7 is the neutral level. This indicates that a matter is neither too acidic nor alkaline.

Hence, it is very important that when you grow marijuana, you will have the best pH level for a better growth performance whether you are growing it hydroponically or naturally, and avoid any deficiency associated with nutrients.

Why You Need the Right pH?

Growing marijuana or any plant requires right pH level to grow it strong and proper. The pH level affects the nutrients of the crop and will result to plant deficiency. For instance, if the soil is very acidic, you need to add potash to add alkalinity to prevent it from having a potassium deficiency. In contrast to this, when you find the soil too alkaline, you might consider putting sulfur to prevent sulfur deficiency. By this, you can easily reach the required pH level for marijuana to achieve optimum growth.

Marijuana pH level varies depending on the way you want to grow your plant. You may choose to plant cannabis by conventional planting or through hydroponics. If you opt for conventional planning, you need a 6.0 – 6.8 pH level. On the other hand, if hydroponics is your game, you need to reach a pH level of 5.5 – 6.5. You might notice that all the required level is acidic, thus it is very relevant to determine first the level of the material you are using.

Determining pH Level

There are multiple options you can choose from, from inexpensive to very costly one. For very serious marijuana growers that really wanted to be assured of the value of the pH, he may choose to ask from a professional tester. If you want a cheaper option, pH kits are possible which can be sold for $5 to $10, although this option is a hassle.

Laboratory test

This test is the most expensive test for pH level determination. You need to pay for a professional chemist or soil scientist for the test. Rest assured that the result is highly accurate.

pH Meter

You can also purchase for meters that are mostly used for hydroponics. You can test the material by only using a pH meter that automatically indicates the rate.

pH Kits

The most inexpensive. This will come with various chemicals used for the test and major instruction. Also, there is an associated strip that you need to look at and determine the appropriate level through their color guide.

Adjusting the pH level

Once you have determined the pH level of the material you will be using, you can now determine what appropriate component you need to add to adjust the level. If the pH is too high or alkaline, add sulfuric acid or phosphorus. If it’s too low or acidic, add calcium carbonate, potash, or lime. Take note that if you are using hydroponics, never directly mix any additional solution because the chemicals may react and the pH may change.