What You Should Know about SuperCloner 50 Site Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

What You Should Know about SuperCloner 50 Site Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

Growing marijuana and cloning them would really take a lot of time. Apart from you have to do the traditional methods that need to be done, you also need to wait for weeks for them to grow. The only problem with the traditional method is you don’t know if you have distributed the nutrients equally. Good thing there is a new hydroponic kit that cuts down all your worries and waiting. This kit is called the SuperCloner 50 Site Hydroponic Kit.

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Features and Its Usage

The SuperCloner 50 Site Hydroponic Kit has numerous features that you will enjoy. Some of those features include:

– Humidity Super Dome- gives the perfect micro-climate for your growing weed.
– Eco-2 Air and Air Stones- provide oxygen in the system even if there is no oil.
– Net Cups- hold 50 seedlings, clones, and vegetative marijuana.
– Rock Wool Cubes- provide a healthy and robust foundation.
– Manual- is easy to understand guidebook that instructs you on how to use the kit.

The SuperCloner 50 Site Hydroponic Kit is an efficient machine that allows you to germinate, clone and vegetate your plants. You don’t need to do the conventional way of growing your pot as it will do all the things for you. All you have to do is to put on the seedlings in the cups and wait how the plants will grow.


– This equipment offers tons of advantages. Some of the benefits are stated below.
– The kit is very convenient. You can carry it wherever you like.
– It is quite small, but it can still hold 50 seedlings. Due to its size, this kit won’t occupy too much space.
– It is very affordable. It only costs $199.95. It is perfect for those growers who are on a tight budget.
– It is a US made hydroponic kit; hence, you are rest assured that it is in good quality.


Though this kit may seem perfect, it still has flaws. One of the major setbacks is it is only intended for indoor marijuana plants. Another setback is the height that it gives to your plant. It can only provide an additional 2 inches to all the plants.

But the major setback is this kit hasn’t proved anything yet if what they claim is true. You rarely see reviews regarding this item. Hence, you don’t know if the kit really works unless you use it.

Customer Reviews

As mentioned earlier, there are only a few reviews regarding this item. You will only know if it’s effective once you use the machine on your plants. To save your money, you need to ask your fellow growers before you buy this item.

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Final Verdict

The Super Flow 50 Site Hydroponic Kit is a very efficient machine when it comes to the price and its size. Though the kit is small, it can germinate, vegetate and clone up to 50 plants. However, there are no proven results regarding this machine. You need to do a thorough research before you buy this product.