Trinity 3.0 Marijuana Grow Cabinet Review

Review of Trinity 3.0 Marijuana Grow Cabinet

The Trinity 3.0 is a grow cabinet made by the SuperCloset brand. This brand is an award-winning brand for hydroponics system and is considered as the top selling grow cabinet in the world. The Trinity 3.0 is a great use for any plants from its germination stage to its vegetation and flowering stage. Not only this, it has also cloning chambers essential for developing new plants. It holds bigger amount of plants compared to the other models.

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It contains two Lumatek Lightning Systems that are very safe for your plants because it’s designed to be cool even if touched. It is also overhauled in a Yo-yo system for easy adjusting throughout the growth of your plants.

It has Fluorescent lighting system which is very vital for the growth of your plants especially during germination, and cloning.

Comprise of two 16-site SuperPonics System. This will allow you to grow more plants with a total of 32 sites. The hydroponic system has deep water culture, top water feed, and oxygen feed at the bottom.

It has 50-site SuperCloner system that allows you to clone more plants for higher yield and production.

It has two trellis systems for each SuperPonics giving you the advantage of supporting the growth of your plants to the right spot.

The product has two carbon filters ensuring that your cabinet is clean and fresh for your plants.

Contains dual circulation fans for each hydroponic for a better distribution of air.

Useful For

The Trinity 3.0 just like the other models of the SuperCloset is good from germination to the vegetation and flowering of the plants. It also accepts cloning and mothering section. The only difference is, this product is very ideal for those who are growing for small scale commercial planting because it is capable of holding bigger amount of plants good for small business.


It has free 3 years warranty without hassle.

The plant will grow 5x faster because of its very effective HydroPonics.

The plant will also grow bigger due the nutrient kit added.

It is also very convenient since it is easy to use.

Holds more plant capacity.


The product is very effective and useful, thus it has no major drawback except for the price. Nevertheless, this price is worth the effectiveness.

Customer Reviews

“I absolutely LOVE my Trinity 3.0 closet. It’s completely badass.” – Kevin S. (

“The closet (Trinity) is awesome for a new gardener. Thank you.” – Robert L. (

Most of the users are happy with the effectiveness and result of the Trinity 3.0 It is rated mostly of 5 and is highly recommended.

Final Verdict

The Trinity 3.0 is a very useful grow cabinet especially for those that wants to start a small commercial plant business. It is very effective on growing a healthy plant in a faster duration. Despite its price, this product is loved by most people and it definitely recommended whether you will use it for personal use or for small scale commercial use.


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