The Clone Machine Review – Is this Hydroponic Cloner Worth your Money?

The Clone Machine Review – Is this Hydroponic Cloner Worth your Money?

As a marijuana grower, you want to clone a plant that gives you a lavish yield. Good thing there is a machine that can duplicate the plants you want to clone. This equipment is called the Clone Machine. But before you get this item, there are certain things that you must know about it. This article will give its features, as well as its pros and cons which could help you decide whether this item is worth buying or not.

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Features and Its Usage

The Clone Machine offers a lot of great features which cannabis growers will surely love. Some of the features are:

High output fluorescent lighting—it gives a spectrum that is needed during the early stages of growth. It is also good for clones, seeds, and mothers.

SuperCloner 50 site system—this system helps to promote fast and abundant white root growth.

– Digital Thermometer—it measures the temperature to give an idea if the closet is too cold or too hot for the plants.

Industrial Grade Carbon Filter—it helps to get rid of the odor which comes from the plants.

General Hydroponics pH Control Kit—it maintains the pH level of the reservoir in order for the plants to grow healthily.

Eco Air 4 Air Pumps—the pumps provide oxygen in the hydroponics system.

With these features, you will be able to clone the cannabis plants that you want to germinate. You will also get an abundant yield within just a few weeks.


– The machine offers a lot of benefits to the weed growers. Some of the benefits are as follows.

– It allows you to grow both indoor and outdoor marijuana plants.

– It gives you more space than other clone equipment.

– It has numerous containers where you can plant the seeds, the mothers and the clones.

– It has a 3-year warranty period and a lifelong customer service.

– The machine is made in USA; thus, you are guaranteed that the items used in making this clone closet is in high-quality.


The Clone Machine doesn’t show any flaws. But if it has one, it would be the price as it is very expensive. The price costs around $1995 to $2395, depending on where you buy the item.

Customer Reviews

Just like any item that is manufactured and sold by SuperCloset, the Clone Machine has received positive feedback from its users. Here is one of the comments that the product has gotten.

“Instead of propagators all around the house and on my window shelves I now have all my cloning in one place. It’s easy to use and very productive.”

Final Verdict

The Clone Machine is a great tool for germinating and cloning the mothers and the growing seeds. It can grow both indoor and outdoor cannabis plants. The only problem with this machine is the price. You need to have a lot of cash for you to get this equipment. But despite the price, many growers prefer this as it gives an abundant yield.

Where to buy “The Clone Machine”?

You can purchase “The Clone Machine” from SuperCloset which is an online store of grow boxes and hydroponics systems and supplies. They also sell grow lights and a lot more of other marijuana growing supplies.

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