SupHerb Marijuana Dryer Review

Dry Your Marijuana Buds with the SupHerb Dryer

Supherb Dryer - Drying CabinetMost of us know that we need to water the plants. But do you know that we also need to dry them? Drying your plants such as marijuana will prevent them from getting molds and mildew. It also gives a healthy and an ample yield from your growing herbs. However, you need dryer equipment for you to dry the plants whatever season you may have.

There is a wide variety of dryer equipment that you can buy on the market. One of the most recommended drying machines by many marijuana growers is the SupHerb Dryer. Let’s find out why it is very popular among cannabis growers.


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Features and Its Usage

The SupHerb Dryer offers numerous features that will you dry your weeds in just a few days. Some of the features include:

Wood Lined Infra-Cool Steel Cabinet—the interior and the wood-lining of this cabinet gives the right absorption rate and assists in maintaining the humidity and temperature in the closet.

Industrial Grade Carbon Filter and Exhaust Fan—these tools remove the bad odor that is coming from the herbs.

Adjustable Internal Circulation Fan—it gives an ideal airflow that dries your weed at the right time.

Digital Thermometer—it tells you the temperature in the cabinet so you can adjust it if it’s too hot or too cold.

These features will dry the herbs fast without the need of sunlight and air coming from the outside. It also dries the herbs fast compared to the conventional method of drying.


There are lots of advantages that you will enjoy if you choose to get this item. Here are some of those advantages.

– Using this dryer is easy. You don’t need to become a professional grower just to dry your pots.

– It can dry up to 24 weeds.

– It can dry the plants fast compared to the traditional drying method.

– It has a 3-year warranty period.

– The distributor of the SupHerb Dryer offers a lifelong customer support.

– It can dry both indoor and outdoor plants.


You rarely see faults from this equipment. If it has one, it is in the way that the machine was delivered, depending on where you bought the dryer. All in all, the machine has no defects which make it a perfect dryer.

Customer Reviews

The SupHerb Dryer has received numerous positive reviews. Some of those reviews are listed below:

“A great way to keep of top of your cannabis drying. No more buds hanging in the airing cupboard and stinking out the house!”

“Love this. It just keeps it all in one place under lock and key. It also dries my weed brilliantly”

“I had made myself a dryer out of a cardboard box and some ducting. It worked OK but nowhere near as good as this. It seemed a bit of an unnecessary luxury at first, but now I wouldn’t be without it”

Final Verdict

The SupHerb Dryer is the best drying equipment that you can have. You can dry your cannabis buds whenever you like discreetly.

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