Superstar Box Grower Review

Convenient Marijuana Growing with The Superstar Box Grower

SuperStar - Stealth Grow BoxesPlanting is a very productive hobby. This kind of activity has been known to generate income and increase the positive economic status in countries all over the world. Nowadays, one can choose to plant the conventional ways, outdoors, or plant indoors with the use of box growers and or green houses. These media enables plants to grow in their preferred conditions which vary from one species to another.

The best thing about this kind of option is the owner’s access to regulation of the whole power system to enforce better growing conditions. The Superstar Box Grower is an example of the best media that can facilitate any kind of plant in different phases of the development.

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Growing Chamber. When you see The Superstar grower box, you will find a large box empty box with panels in it. There are two separate spaces inside the over like storage. One of those chambers in the growing chamber in which the original breed can grow with the given conditions.

Cloning Chamber. The other space is for cloning the original breed. Everybody knows that cloning needs a different atmosphere in comparison to the original growing species.

Closet-like. The box, although it looks like an oven on the inside, you will find it a bit like a closet once you close it. It is not exaggeratedly huge, but enough to accommodate over 16 in each chamber.

The panels on the bottom part of the box can be adjusted to accommodate the height of the growing plant.


– It is power operated so it is convenient.
– You can adjust the system and the container.
– It is not too large for storage.
– Better yields.
– Comes with DVD’s on “How To”.


– It consumes power so you can say that it can be expensive.
– The grower box itself is pricy.
– It is not suitable for commercial use because of its size.


“Un-frigging-believable.  I didn’t have much faith, but I was wrong again.  That little unit is working beautifully.  I’m stoked.  Thanks so much for you great help.  You were so right when you said “let’s take this one step at a time, instead of rushing into changing everything” or something to that effect.  A wise trouble shooter you are. Excellent, sir.  I will stay in touch to let you know how I’m doing.  I’m the proverbial happy camper this morning.  That’s it for now.  It’s a great thing having access to you guys.” – Gary-Hawaii

“Great product as advertised!  My veggies are lean, mean, and GREEN!  I love my SuperCloset.” – Richard-California

Final Verdict

The Superstar grower box is a great medium for growing plants indoors. You will have all the things that you need without having to worry about constant external changes. Although it is pricy, one can still see its worth in the yields that it produces. Make sure that you are ready to spend money for the power that will be used to regulate the inside condition.

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