SuperNova Hydroponics Cabinet Review

The Supernova: Make Your Hydroponics Planting a Worth

The Supernova is created by SuperCloset, an award winning complete automated hydroponic cabinet system. This brand is very effective on growing anything indoors without any hassle, just follow the general instruction and you’re good. It comes with a three years warranty. It weighs up to 250lbs and 46x24x78 dimension. It can be use for full cycle growing from germination to flowering. It can also good for cloning. Hence, this hydroponic cabinet reduces the harvest time intended for the plant.

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The cabinet has two sections which are the cloning chamber and the flowering chamber. Each chamber has different features.

Cloning Chamber Features

– Contains Mamaponics system that allows you to grow stocky and clone capable mother plant.

– It has hole up to 50 SuperCloner for better growing.

– Shelves are adjustable making it easy to follow how the plants grow for a better production.

– It can carry up to two 24w T-5 fluorescents, and in 6500k essential for your plant’s growth.

Flowering Chamber Features

– It can hold up to 16 plants.

– The water system is SuperPonics allowing it to hold up to 15 gallons of water and is easy to handle.

– It has 600w full spectrum dimmable and digital lightning system with 6” adjustable light tube and reflector.

– Includes auto-watering system which enables up to 30% more yield.

– Comes with internal circulation fan allowing for an excellent air distribution to all of the plants.

Useful For

The Supernova is a very useful use for any plants that are in the small scale. Whatever you are planting, this will be a great hydroponics box from germination, vegetation, and flowering of your plant. Because of the environment of the box, it is vital for an organically grown plant.


You will be able to grow your plant 5x faster compared to other products because of the excellent environment.

Your plant will be bigger due to the organic nutrients added in the growth box.

Planting with hydroponics will be easier since it is overhauled to have equipments that are easy to use and most of the materials are automated.


Because this cabinet is award-winning, there is not much drawbacks about the product except that some people are complaining about the price. Nevertheless, the price is worth the result.

Costumer Reviews

“I couldn’t be happier with my SuperNova. My only problem is that my plants grew a little too quick and got a little too big.” – Zach

“I hope you guys sell 100 Million of your closets. The creative folks behind your design definitely deserve a high five for the concept.” – Anon

Most of the users are very satisfied with the effectiveness of the product, and most of them rated it from 4.5 to 5 stars.

Final Verdict

The Supernova from SuperCloset is the biggest in its kind. It is very useful for those that are engaging in small scale farming. The features and equipments used in this product is innovative that attends to the needs of the plants, thus you will be able to efficiently grow your plant. You also perform experimentation from its Mamponics features. Overall, it is an outstanding hydroponic cabinet system and is very worthy of a try.


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