SuperLocker 3.0 Marijuana Cabinet Review

The SuperLocker 3.0: Grow Your Own Plant

The SuperLocker 3.0 was created by the SuperCloset which is the number 1 selling grow cabinets worldwide. It is award-winning hydroponic cabinet systems that has been trusted by most people that are using grow cabinets. The SuperLocker 3.0 weighs 15lbs and has a dimension of 15 x 24 x 66 in which is slimmer compared to their other models. It is sold for $1695.00 which is much affordable due to its size. This grow cabinet is good for germination, vegetation, flowering, and even cloning which is very important in a planting system.

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– It has a 1550w Sun Lightning System that is very essential for the plants for better growth. It is adjustable through its Yo-yo system to fit to the needs of the plants.
– It contains fluorescent lighting system that is ideal for germination, cloning, and for mother plants use for experimentation.
– It has great Superponics system that enables faster growth of the plants. It has top water feeding and bottom oxygen feed that helps the plant obtain a faster growth compared to conventional planting.
– The SuperLocker 3.0 has 14 sites SuperCloner that allows you to clone plants with great hydroponic system.
– It has trellis system allowing your plants to grow accordingly, and support them in their growth.
– Includes carbon filter to ensure that the cabinet is fresh and clean.
– It has circulating fan that allows a balance flow of the air inside. You can also adjust it to fit the needs of the plants.

Useful For

The SuperLocker 3.0 is very useful for those who want to grow their plants indoors. It is ideal for those that are producing plant for small scale or personal use only since it only accommodates small amount of plants with only 8 available vegetation holes. However, despite its capacity, it is also perfect for any type of plant as long as it fits.


– Free 3 years warranty without hassle which is very convenient.
– Saves energy consumption for up to 20%.
– Grows plants 5x faster compared to other brands due to its innovative Hydroponic system.
– The plants are bigger with this product with its excellent nutrients kit added.
– Easy to use since it is designed to give ease to the user.


The only drawback of the product is the space provided. It is cheaper compared to the other models; however it only holds few plants.

Customer Review

“Hey guys!! I received my super locker and I am LOVING it!! Me and my husband had it up and running in no time at all!! Thanks a million and keep up the amazing work.” – Amanda M.

Most of the users are satisfied by how The SuperLocker 3.0 is working. Most of the ratings are 4 to 5 stars.

Final Verdict

The SuperLocker 3.0 is a slim and low capacity growing cabinet. Nevertheless, this product is very effective and is highly recommended for those who are growing for small scale and for personal use. It is perfect for those who love to grow plants indoors that are 100% organic and nutritious. The facility of this product is ideal for those who are busy growing plants that need intense supervision.

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