SuperCloner 14 Site Deep Water Hydroponic System Review—Is It Worth the Price?

SuperCloner 14 Site Deep Water Hydroponic System Review—Is It Worth the Price?

Many marijuana growers want to get an abundant yield once the harvest time comes. They take good care of their plants so they can get benefits from them. They give them enough air, sunlight and water in order for the herbs to grow. However, watering the plants might take you lot of time especially if you have lots of pots in your garden. Good thing there is a new hydroponic system called SuperCloner 14 Site Hydroponic Cloner that you can use for your cannabis plants. But before you grab this equipment, you need to know first if it’s worth the price.

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Features and Usage

The SuperCloner 14 comes with a lot of features that weed growers will surely enjoy. Some of its features are as follows:

– Eco-2 Air Pump

– Fully assembled tools

– Very durable plastic reservoir and lid

– Air stones

This equipment is perfect for germination, cloning and vegetation. Once you use this to your plant, your MJ plants will grow from up to 2 feet. The machine promotes quick and luxurious white root growth using its well-aerated water flow system.


The SuperCloner 14 Site Hydroponic System offers a lot of advantages to its users. Some of those advantages are as follows:

– Lifetime Customer Support

– Robust yet easy to clean

– 3-year warranty service


There are no setbacks when you use this equipment to hydrate your Mary Jane plants. The only drawback of this equipment is it is only intended for indoor planting. You need to use another set of hydroponic equipment if you have planted marijuana outside the greenhouse.

Customer Reviews

Juan V.

“You guys are awesome! From your straight up wealth of knowledge of growing indoors to the killer equipment you carry and your customer service is BY FAR BETTER THAN ANYWHERE ELSE IVE DONE BUSINESS! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  P.S. The only other issue is loading my coffee beans into burlap sacks with my donkey so excited!


“One thing goes without saying, OUTSTANDING customer service so far, your response time is fantastic, and I now have all the info I need and more.”


“I’ve seen and heard great things from the 16 spot SuperPonic system and i cant wait to get started with it.  I appreciate the rapid response.  Great to know people still care about customer service!”

Final Verdict

The SuperCloner 14 Site Hydroponic System is the best machine for hydrating your indoor plants. Its features are so amazing which helps you germinate your weed rapidly. But the best thing about this system is their customer support. They will help you with your problems and answer your queries regarding the machine.

The only problem with this equipment is its limited usage. You can only use this system for indoor growing. Hence, if you are an outdoor grower, then you’d better check for another hydroponic system since this one is not for you.

As per the price, it is a little bit expensive but the cost is nothing compared to the benefits that it gives to your plants.

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