SuperBox Marijuana Grow Closet Review

The SuperBox Grow Closet Review

Growing marijuana in the garden is just like taking good care of your pets—you need to give them what it needs in order for them to grow. But as the plants grow, you need to get more space so they could get the right nutrients that it needs. Otherwise, some of your pots will eventually die. Good thing there is a new hydroponic system that allows you to grow your cannabis plants without worrying about the space and the nutrients that it needs. This machine is called the SuperBox Grow Closet.

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Features and Its Usage

The SuperBox Grow Closet offers lots of features that growers will surely love. Some of those features include:

– High-quality timers, filters, nutrients, and growing medium which ensure that the box is dust, odor and pollutant free.
– It uses a hydroponic system and holds 10 gallons of nutrient solution.
– It can also hold soil so you can plant the seeds straight into the closet.
– It has an air-cooled 200W CFL Grow Light and 1000 lumens that give a full gamut to the plants.
– The box provides armor-plated key and lock for security.
– The SuperBox Grow Closet does not save up space, but it also provides an artificial surrounding for the weeds to grow. The box gives the basic elements that a plant needs even if you don’t plant it under the sun. It is a perfect grow closet for indoor pots.


– The SuperBox Grow Closet provides numerous advantages to its users. Some of the advantages are as follows:
– The box is created by the skillful people; hence, you are rest assured that the machine is in good quality.
– It is very easy to use. You just need to plug it in and it’s now ready for use.
– The box provides better and healthier plants than other grow boxes which are also available on the internet.
– It is energy-efficient. It can save up to 20% of energy than other grow closets.


– This machine isn’t perfect. It still has some flaws like any other items that you buy. Some of the flaws are:
– The number of plants that it can accommodate. The plant can only hold 8 plants.
– The price is so expensive. It ranges from $795.00 to $995.00, depending on where you will buy the closet.

Customer Reviews

This machine has received a lot of positive reviews. Some of the reviews made by the consumers are as follows:

“The babies are doing great! Love the superbox, the carbon filter seems to work well, the watering system is great, the box gives up no light and your instructions are easy to read and so far work really well.” – Jeff S.

“I received my Superbox..SUPER WELL MADE QUALITY PRODUCT…I highly recommend this growbox.” – Mike T.

Final Verdict

The SuperBox is a very efficient grow box. It is perfect for homes that have small spaces. However, this box is quite expensive but the cost is worth it with the result that you can get especially if you are growing high quality marijuana indoors.

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