Super Flow Hydroponic Grow System: Should You Buy It?

Super Flow Hydroponic Grow System: Should You Buy It?

A lot of marijuana growers want their plants to grow healthy and tall as it will give them an abundant yield. But due to the climate change, having a lavish yield is quite impossible nowadays. Good thing there are hydroponic systems that will give healthy weeds and a great amount of yield.

There is a lot of hydroponic system equipment which are available on the market. One of the most popular equipment is the Super Flow Hydroponic Grow System. Let’s find out why it is so popular with many cannabis growers.

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Features and Its Usage

The Super Flow Hydroponic Grow System has a lot of unique features that other hydroponic machines don’t have. Some of these features are as follows:

Reservoir- this heavy duty reservoir can hold 25 gallons of nutrients and support your plants.

SuperPonic Plant Trays– this container has a snap clip that lets you clean and maintain the system easily. It also allows you to have an easy to the plants’ root system.

Eco Series Air Pump- the pump is so convenient as it doesn’t use oil in order to run. Once the machine is on, it will provide oxygen into the system.

Eco Series Water Pump– it is just like the eco series air pump. The only difference is the element that it gives, which is water.

Technaflora Recipe– it is a self-contained kit that provides everything that you need in achieving a gardening success.

Used for

The Super Flow Hydroponic Grow System is the first non-clogging aeroponic system. This equipment can make the plants grow taller. In fact, it can make the plant 5x higher than its actual size. This is a perfect equipment for those who want to have a healthy yield.


This hydroponic system offers a lot of benefits. Some of those benefits include:

– Space saving equipment. It is smaller than other hydroponic systems; hence, it won’t occupy too much space in your home.

– The price. The price is way cheaper than other hydroponic systems. It only costs $595 or less.

– Easy navigation. Both newbie and experienced cannabis growers can use this with ease.

– 3-year warranty period and a lifelong customer service.


There is one problem with this equipment– it can only hold a few number of plants. Since it is small, the system can only hold 24 plants. So if you have lots of pots, then this one is not for you.

Customer Reviews

The machine has received great reviews from its users. An example of the review that it got came from Josh B. and this is what he says:

“my favorite is still the superflow it allows you to grow more produce with in the same amount of space and with fast growth time.”

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Final Verdict

The Super Flow Hydroponic Grow System as it gives both air and water. It is even user-friendly as well. However, if you have lots of seedlings that you want to grow, then this may not be a better option. You need to look for another system that can hold all of your seedlings.