Marijuana LED SuperLocker 3.0 Review

A Comprehensive Review on The LED SuperLocker 3.0

What is amazing about this LED SuperLocker is that it particularly uses a special kind of LED that allows faster growth for your cannabis plants. The innovation made in this grow box has actually undergone years of study that right now it has been considered successful in being able to perfect the right kind of LED grow box which allows greater yields consuming the most efficient energy as possible. Besides, this type of grow box runs much quieter and much cooler than any other grow box available today.

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Much is to be appreciated in the features that are present in the LED Superlocker. Having been manufactured in their facility in California, this grow box made of steel is covered with 16 gauge of power coat that should be very much conducive for growing indoor cannabis. Its dimension is 18 inches by 24 inches by 64 inches. It has a great and secured locking door that should ensure security for your cannabis plants as it could also accommodate for up to 16 various seedlings or clones.

Useful For

Most weed growers find it difficult enough to grow their own pot indoors as most people who are not so much inviting of the idea would be incriminating of such an act. This grow box not only has all the needed features to sustain the growth of cannabis indoors, it also has that stealth features that will make sure that your cannabis strain would be able to grow even in an indoor environment.


It can accommodate tall cannabis. The LED SuperLocker is great so as it is able to accommodate tall cannabis plants. Such a grow box may be able to accommodate up to 3.5 tall cannabis strains of 8 varying species.

It is fully automated. This type of grow box is very much user friendly and that one does not have to particularly manage even the small stuff. You can actually leave this for days and you don’t even have to worry as to its condition.

It comes with its full assembly. Unlike other types of grow box in which one should still have to assemble the parts, this one doesn’t need to take time to put them all together. It is very much simple as you only need to plug it in.


It has an expensive startup cost. Just like the rest of the innovative grow box, one has to particularly save a lot of money just so that one would be able to purchase for this grow box.

It is heavy

Customer Reviews

“I’m a noob with growing but I’ve always intended on growing my own. I looked at reviews of the SuperLocker and saw that people really rate it, so I decided to go for it. I’m glad I did, as
it’s worked out just great so far.”

“This is among the best grow boxes I’ve used.I used to struggle with a home-made box but not anymore. It does everything it says it does. Very happy.”

“My Super Locker is brilliant. It’s really high tech and very easy to use. The features are great and make it so effective. In only a short time, the plants have really grown. I would definitely suggest this grow box to anyone who wants to get into growing their own stuff.”

Final Verdict

The LED SuperLocker 3.0 should be the most recommended grow box for all cannabis growers. It has the stealth features, guarantees better yield and provides efficient indoor growth. You just need a lot of money to purchase for it though.

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