LED Trinity 3.0 Marijuana Grow Box Review

A Comprehensive Review on The LED Trinity 3.0

What everyone should know about the LED Trinity 3.0 is that it is the perfect grow box for all your indoor cannabis growing needs. One would be able to find the benefit of this grow box through the triple chamber system that it possesses. This has already been upgraded from its initial SuperPonics System which is only clear of the intent of this grow box to continually strive to be better so that it would be able to provide the best service for its many indoor grower users.

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There are a lot of great features that The LED Trinity 3.0 has which makes all indoor growers very much inclined to using this grow box. Just like most grow boxes right now, this one is fully automated and it already comes in its full assembly. It allows full accommodation for up to 72” by 72” by 24”. It also has a full lighting system with a SuperCool Lumatek feature in order to ensure better lighting. Finally, it has a great circulation fan which allows better ventilation.

Useful For

This grow box is best for indoor growers who would want to be able to finally harvest a great cannabis strain even in an indoor environment. If you also want to have a good yield and want to only have minimal maintenance given the fact that it is only grown indoors, this grow box should be the most suitable one for you. This is highly useful for personal growing of your cannabis plants or even for commercial purposes.


It has an adjustable shelf. Usually, every grower might encounter instances in which the difference of strains to be grown would vary. Thus, it should require a good adjustable shelf if one would need a grow box.

It is stealthily designed. You don’t have to worry about other people ever noticing that you are actually growing cannabis in your very own home. With the design and features for this grow box, no grower would be worried about this aspect.

It comes with its full assembly. Unlike other types of grow box in which one should still have to assemble the parts, this one doesn’t need to take time to put them all together. It is very much simple as you only need to plug it in.


It is expensive. Just like the rest of the innovative grow box, the LED Trinity is very much expensive which one considers to rather find other alternative means of indoor growing instead of this grow box.

It can increase electricity cost. Considering the features set in this grow box which requires to be continuously plugged in, one might be expecting increased electricity charges.

Customer Reviews

“Very well designed and set up was a breeze. It took me about 2 hours to get everything 100% up and running”.

“An easy to use piece of equipment that helps to prevent electrical malfunctions. This switch will immediately shut off the electricity supply to your unit if a power surge is detected – something that can happen when water comes into contact with electrical devices.

Final Verdict

The LED Trinity is indeed considered to be one of the best grow boxes ever. You only need to require minimal maintenance and supervision for this. This is highly recommended for serious indoor growers.

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