LED Supernova Marijuana Grow Box Review

A Comprehensive Review on The LED Supernova

There is a lot to marvel about The LED Supernova. Given its features, one would be able to expect a good yield from this grow box due to its 700nA current that should guarantee better yields. Also, this grow box is powered by a 3 watt diode which makes possible the complete usage of a “Perfect Spectrum”. This helps in the process of photosynthesis that is needed in every plant in order to survive. Also, it provides quieter ventilation as compared to other types of grow boxes.

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It has all the much needed features that one wants to have in a grow room. It has an effective scrubber that has a dual action carbon-activated feature which makes possible better filtration of air. Also, its cloning chamber is adjustable and that it has a a Mamaponics system and a Super Cloner which is very much great for cannabis seeds and clones especially while they are still in its vegetative state. Finally, its LED cabinets compose of a 12 bandwidth spectrum for better lightning and an increased yield.

Useful For

One should know that with the creation and innovation through this grow box, one would already know the very purpose and use of this stealth grow box and that is it would be able to ensure better growth and yield for your cannabis plants.A lot of people would very much want to grow their cannabis in an indoor environment. However, most of them are hindered from doing so due to the fact that the conditions that are present indoors would make it impossible to sustain a growing cannabis plant in the indoor environment.


It allows faster growth of cannabis plants. The best thing about this product is that given the combined features of this grow box, it has been rest assured that it gives faster growth rate for cannabis seeds and clones.

It provides a warranty. A good three year warranty should be enough for every consumer to be covered of the security that they ought to have especially when they would decide to purchase this grow room.

It comes with other freebies. In order to better ensure that growing cannabis will be done in its most effective way, this grow box comes with other freebies such as complimentary DVDs and other helpful tips and suggestions in order to ensure better cannabis growth.


It is not good for tall cannabis strains. Given the limited space that is being offered in this kind of grow room, one cannot trust on this box if ever you are planning to grow a tall strain of cannabis plant.

It is heavy. For a grow box that does not particularly fit tall cannabis strains, this one is particularly heavy.

It has a poor site interface. Some clients are not so much impressed as to how the site is being built. It does not really effectively carry out some functions as it should.

Customer Reviews

“The LED SuperNova has been made with stealth in mind and the cabinet is guaranteed to be odor proof and light proof. Noise is kept to an absolute minimum and the cabinet operates at a hum, no more than that of a modern refrigerator.” – Gene

“This is a great grow box. I’m definitely recommending it to my friends.” – Silva

Final Verdict

The LED Supernova indeed provides amazing features and specifications that should ensure better yields of cannabis despite indoor settings. Its state of the art features and qualities should be much appreciated by indoor growers of cannabis plants.

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