LED Super Star 3.0 Review

A Comprehensive Review on The LED Super Star 3.0

Among the many grow boxes that are being made available, it is The LED Super Star 3.0 that is lucky enough to belong to the award winning grow boxes because of its efficiency and quality. This type of grow box provides the best environment that is conducive for being able to provide the best atmosphere for growing cannabis indoors. Given the number of its best features and even the specification that make this grow box unique among the rest, one should be guaranteed and better and quality cannabis yields.

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There are a lot of best features that one would be able to acquire from this special grow box for cannabis seeds. It provides a great cabinet system that allows a more effective facilitation of automated hydroponic system for better indoor growing. Its stealth feature on its grow box itself allows it to be a highly conducive environment that even growing cannabis indoors would be considered a very viable option.

Useful For

A lot of people would very much want to grow their cannabis in an indoor environment. However, most of them are hindered from doing so due to the fact that the conditions that are present indoors would make it impossible to sustain a growing cannabis plant in the indoor environment. However, with the creation and innovation through this grow box, one would already know the very purpose and use of this stealth grow box.


It provides dual compartments. One of the features of this grow box is that its grow box provide dual compartments which make possible the facilitation of continuous harvests as compared to other types of grow box.

It provides higher yield. The best thing about this LED grow box is that it is able to guarantee maximum yields. Usually, when it is indoors, yields are not so much impressive but when one would use this, one would guarantee better yields like never before.

It has a warranty. When it comes to consumer benefits, this item has a three year warranty which is way more than you can ever have from any product.


It is expensive. At a price of $1,595.00 which is already a discounted rate, one should be very much overwhelmed of the price.

Customer Reviews

“ I have personally built 3 growboxes from scratch, so I know what I’m doing. I now live in an apartment and don’t have access to tools and workspace. This closet costs exactly what time/materials/tools would have cost. This is a decent cabinet.” – David

“I ordered one of your SuperStar SuperClosets last year and it has been a great experience. The system works great, I had a water pump go out in the first 6 months but that was quickly solved. All the other parts have worked great quickly became a part of my home.” – Kyle M.

Final Verdict

The LED Super Star 3.0 indeed provides the much needed qualities that a good grow box should provide in order to ensure better growing of cannabis indoors. It is complete in the best features that every grow box should have.

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