Led Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box Review

What Everyone Should Know about The LED Deluxe 3.0

LED Deluxe 3.0 – LED Grow BoxOne should find the many benefits to be derived from The LED Deluxe especially if you intend on growing your very own cannabis plants. This type of grow box provides a very special feature in such a way that it has a LED light that has also been known to provide a number of good benefits if you are growing your very own pot. Such grow box should be your ideal choice for indoor cannabis growing.

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As reiterated, this grow box makes use of a special feature. This is the LED grow light. What is special about this is that its LED light of 3 watts is made very much suitable if especially if your cannabis seeds would already reach that flowering stage in which it is very much crucial for every pot. Its specification is K3 L450 that makes a perfect stealth grow box with a LED function with its amazing proprietary spectrum quality.

Useful For

If your indoor environment for growing is considerably a spacious area or if you plan to grow a large cannabis strain, that this grow box is just the right one for you. Of course, if one would be expecting a higher or bigger type of cannabis plant to be grown indoors, then one should be able to expect bigger and a lot higher yield. One should also know that this type of grow box is also useful for such a need.


It ensures better grow quality. Given the specification of its LED light, such would be able to efficiently allow a maximum photosynthesis process to take place much faster than in any regular grow area.

It provides higher yield. The best thing about this LED grow box is that it is able to guarantee maximum yields. Usually, when it is indoors, yields are not so much impressive but when one would use this, one would guarantee better yields like never before.

It has a warranty. When it comes to consumer benefits, this item has a three year warranty which is way more than you can ever have from any product.


It is expensive. At a price of $2,695.00 which is already a discounted rate, one should be very much overwhelmed of the price.

Customer Reviews

“I now have a green thumb. I don’t know much about growing but I’ve always wanted to grow my own. After looking up reviews of the deluxe and seeing all the success others have had, I decided to go for it. It took me a bit to get the hang of hydroponics but it really isn’t too hard. It’s worked out perfectly so far.” – Anonymous Grower

“ Worth the money! I’m already saving up to buy a SuperFlower in addition to my Deluxe. (I’d have a trinity at that point) This thing has been friggin awesome, that’s all I have to say. And full bloom rocks, ask for chris when you call – he’s the man!” – Joe

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Final Verdict

All in all, the LED Deluxe is indeed a very impressive grow box as it has been known to really guarantee impressive results as in terms of yield and quality of the cannabis seeds. A little pricey but it is very much worth it.