Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box Review

Marijuana Grow Box Review – Inclusive Benefits of The Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box 

Ever think about having your own grow room? Yes! With the newly developed grow boxes you do not need to worry yourself about finding fillers that would fit the exact demands of your growing plants. These specific boxes are designed to match the entire system that would suit the perfect condition that will eventually result to better products. An example of this is The Deluxe 3.0 in which every single thing that you have to have for your small plantation is inside the package.

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Vegetative Chamber. This space is for the original breeds. Although it can be used as a commercial grower, it is only capable in storing about 16 plants. It is best for one’s personal usage; enough supply to last for one person’s needs. This chamber has its own lighting and water system which can be manually regulated. One of the best thing about The Deluxe 3.0 grow box is its security features wherein only the owner has the access to the box because it has its own lock together with the given keys.

Cloning Chamber. Every plant grower needs a cloning chamber right? With The Deluxe 3.0, you won’t have to worry about getting extra sets for your cloning because it has one. The space if filled with high lighting capacity so that it would be suitable for the perfect cloning atmosphere. Also, it has adjustable layers so that you can manage the height of the plant.


– Although it can be optionally used for commercial use, the box is too small to be producing an abundant supply.

– It is a little bit expensive.


– Automated power system.

– Separate chambers for different kinds of growing plants.

– User friendly.

– Better in quality and number in terms of yield.

– Comes with freebies; DIY plant growing and instructions, DVDs, technical support.

Customer Reviews


“Just wanted to let you know how things are going now that I have had my Trinity and dryer for the past 2 months.  I have been able to produce some amazing results with herbs along with vegetables and I’m hoping to soon add some fruit or berries to the mix as well.  Thank you so much for all your great work into producing such a great product.  Please let everyone there know they are doing a wonderful job and to keep up the great work!!


“Thanks again for everything.  It’s awesome when you guys have the best complete system on the market and the customer service to back it up!”

Final Verdict

Everybody who have purchased and used The Deluxe 3.0 box grower has testified about how amazing it is. If not for the size and the price this would be an exceptional product out in the market; although personal use of this 2 chambered box is very suitable and highly recommended. As a general verdict, this is a very great box for growing plants of your liking; in same species or in variety.

Where to Buy Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box?

We can recommend that you order Deluxe 3.0 Grow Box from SuperCloset which is an online hydroponics supply store. Their products are made in the USA so you are assured that they are high quality.

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