What Should You Get from the Buddha Box Hydroponic System?

What Should You Get from the Buddha Box Hydroponic System?

Big Buddha Box Vertical Hydroponic SystemAs a marijuana grower, you always want your yield is abundant. However, this won’t happen all the time due to the lack of nutrients that the plants receive. But this problem won’t happen anymore as there is a hydroponic system which ensures that your plants shall receive the right amount of nutrients that they need. This system is called the Buddha Box Hydroponic System. But before you buy this item, let’s have a quick review for you to know if it’s really worth to buy.

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Features and Its Usage

The Buddha Box Hydroponic System provides lots of features that growers will surely love. Some of those features include:

SuperCool Lighting Cool Tube—this lighting tube maintains the temperature at a safe level for your plants.

Trellis System—this system helps to improve your harvest up to 30% and maximize the quality of the crops as well.

ECO Air 5 Commercial Air Pump—can start without oil or producing so much noise, this pump will give your plants the right amount of oxygen in order for them to live.

Little Giant Water Pump—an upgraded version of the previous water pump, this tool manages the flow of water in the system with ease.

Instructional DVD—is an easy-to-follow guideline that tells you how to construct the system, as well as how to use it.

Used for

With these state-of-the-art features, you are rest assured that your plants will grow taller and your harvest will increase abundantly. This is perfect for those cannabis distributors and users who want to improve their yield.


The machine offers numerous advantages. Some of those advantages are as follows:

The machine is high-quality. This machine is made in USA, thus, you are rest that it will last for a long time.

It is so easy to use. You don’t need to become an expert in growing pots. Just watch the DVD and see how it works.

The machine increases the quality and the quantity of your crops. The size will increase up to 5 feet and the weight will improve up to 12 pounds, depending on how big and how many fruits it will bear.


Though the machine is a very efficient hydroponic system, it still has flaws. Some of those disadvantages are the following:

The machine is too big, but it can only hold 48 plants. Most big hydroponic systems can hold 70 plants or more, but this one can only hold 48.

The price is so expensive. Most ginormous hydroponic systems cost around a thousand bucks. But this one is about 2000 or more.

You still need to assemble the machine before you can use it. This will take you time before you can use the machine.

Customer Reviews

You rarely see customer’s feedbacks regarding this product, but most users rate it as a 5-star hydroponic system. This rate will give you an assurance that this item is worth to buy for.

Final Verdict

The Buddha Box Hydroponic System is a good option if you want to improve your harvest. However, the machine is so expensive. But once you use the machine, you would say that the price is just an amount. The real deal here is the quality and the quantity of the crops that it gives.

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