Bubble Flow Buckets Hydroponic Marijuana Grow System Review

Bubble Flow Buckets Hydroponic Marijuana Grow System Review

For most growers who are using bubble buckets, then there are some issues that need to be addressed like those of imbalanced pH and TDS pockets that create bad environments for plants. Since there is lacking circulation for your system, the plants will not produce the expected yield at all. The difference when using Bubble Flow Buckets Hydroponic Bubble Buckets Grow System is that it comes with an advanced structure that allows a balanced environment in a bucket. The readings are consistent compared to other products and this gives a more suited environment where you can grow your plants. Bigger yields can be expected and you also have the option to choose among 6, 12, and 24 bucket systems.

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This product comes with bubble buckets and reservoirs that stores and provides the plants with enough water. Nutrient solutions are also integrated into this water storage system and it allows for greater chances of cultivating better plants and bigger yields. There is also an air pump that is responsible for circulating both the oxygenated and deoxygenated air around the bubble buckets. The pumps are quite durable and strong and a built in timer allows for easier operation. To help distribute the water stock, a pump for water is also present and it allows for better absorption and automated operations. The line hose is a specialized system that helps with the pumps’ job of distributing the needed components of the plants.

Useful For

This growing system is very useful for all types of plants or crops that you decide to grown in your home. Because the Bubble Flow Buckets are quite flexible when it comes to growing, it is a given that they are a multipurpose system that can accommodate both beginners and experts who want to cultivate their own crops and plants.


– It is able to circulate air and water more efficiently.
– Constant readings for pH and TDS levels are given
– Powerful and automated pumps
– Can be used for different plants
– Available in various number of bucket systems (6, 12,24)


– Multiple plants require different water and air levels so it is difficult to estimate
– Price can be expensive

Customer Reviews

“love the new design. I also love the super cloner 50 site, a friend of mine has one and i swear by them. one day ill own my own fully operational gorilla tent”

– Josh B

Final Verdict

As a final evaluation, this product is definitely a great option for people who want to cultivate their own crops. The whole system is great and it allows for more yields for any plant. As long as the grower keeps track of how much water and air their crops need, then the bubble flow buckets system will do its job efficiently. The automate pumps for air and water ensure that they are properly given the nutrients that are needed to sustain their growth. The price might be a bit expensive at first, but it is an investment that will definitely be worth your money.

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