Big Buddha Box Vertical Marijuana Hydroponic System Review

Big Buddha Box Vertical Hydroponic System Review: Should You Get This Equipment?

When your marijuana business is growing, the first thing that comes into your mind is where you will plant your seeds if you don’t have enough space left. You don’t need to stress yourself about it anymore as there is a new hydroponic system that lets you plant more weed and gives you space at the same time. You just need to get the Big Buddha Box Vertical Hydroponic System.

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Features and Its Usage

The Big Buddha Box Grow Tent is a hydroponic system that offers a lot of features. Some of its features are as follows:

– It has a Lumatek digital dimmable ballast.
– The height of the tent is fully adjustable.
– It can grow up to 78 plants.
– The system is exclusively made for stealth.

Used for

The purpose of this equipment isn’t just for giving space to your garden. Since the cannabis plants are covered with the tent, the air and the water will be circulated within that small area. Hence, all the plants in the tent will be given the perfect amount of air, light, and water.


There are lots of benefits that you will get from this hydroponic system. Some of the benefits include:

– The plants grow 3x bigger than its usual size.
– The machine is made in USA, thus, you are rest assured that it is in high quality.
– It has a 3-year warranty period.
– Lifetime customer support.


Most hydroponic systems have their own drawbacks, may it be in the quality of the equipment or in their policy. But this machine is just one of the few hydroponic systems that have no faults. If it has one, it may be the price as it is quite expensive.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customer’s feedbacks in this hydroponic system were all positive. They even like how their herbs grow as well as the amount of yield that the growers get from each herb. If you want to know what other people say about this equipment, then here are some of the examples.

“Unbelievable. I would never have guessed my tent could produce so much weed! This vertical system is incredible.”

“I just bought the freestanding system and fitted it into my own room, but hell yeah! It certainly saves space.”

“Not only is this system really efficient with space but the actual hydro system works much better than the DWC system I have been using. I couldn’t believe the size of the buds I grew.”

Final Verdict

The Big Buddha Box Vertical Hydroponic System is a very efficient planting equipment. It increases the height and the yield of the plant and saves space at the same time. With the latest hydroponic technology, it ensures that the basic needs of the herbs are distributed equally. However, this machine comes at a higher price. You need to invest a huge amount of cash if you really want to get this system.

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