Marijuana Grow Room Ventilation

Marijuana Grow Room Ventilation: Complete Tutorial

Properly ventilating your grow room can potentially solve your problem against the most prevailing pathogens and pests that damage buds. Surely, marijuana grow room ventilation is not something you should take for granted. Regardless of the size of your grow room, your marijuana plants are depending on you to execute ventilation. Their endurance is dependent on it.

Marijuana Grow Room Ventilation

Many marijuana cultivators are growing in a grow room. Modern grow rooms are devised to keep the ventilation system. What you simply need to do is to assemble the proper kit. Preferably, you must consider ventilation being a part of your basic growth plan. The size of the grow room, as well as the kind of lights that you choose, will determine the kind of ventilation system that you should employ.

The four parts that you cannot carry out without are the exhaust fan, intake fan, duct tape, and ducting. If you wish to install the extractor fan inside the room hanged from the poles, you should use cable ties or chains to hold it in place near the ventilation hole. The location will be likely on the upper corner of the room, or the roof based on the model.

Exhaust Fan

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See to it that the ducting has a suitable size for the grow box. Else way, you will have to secure reducers and clamps. Line the ducting direct up along the exhaust fan and securely duct tape it. Rush more ducting in the hole of the room and do it without any curvature as much as possible. You can connect a carbon filter to the extractor fan and hang it from the roof as well. Another way is that you can place the carbon filter on the floor and position the fan over it, rushing ducting vertically in the roof.

Intake Fan

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Air must be sent back every 1 to 2 minutes to keep the best humidity and temperatures. The objective is to form negative pressure. Hence, you will like to check the walls of the grow room extracting inward if the ventilation system is set and operating.

Duct Tape

The intake fan has to be placed close or at ground level to attach to the hole in the lower corner of the grow room. Set the ducting straight and utilize duct tape to keep it in position. Again, the outdoor ducting should be attached to the origin of fresh air, preferably a window or vent.


Ducting outside will have to attach to a window or vent to drain hot air coming from the grow room. Inside the grow room, it is further essential that you keep ideal airflow. Oscillating fan or clip-on fans are all you have to secure to establish a gentle artificial gust. Make sure that they are not placed very near to the plants or they may experience wind-burn.

Keeping the Ventilation Discreet

It is recommended that you invest in certain wicker blinds and fasten them fronting the window where you intend to utilize for marijuana grow room ventilation. It would be enough to cover everything that is happening in the grow room while still allowing the air to get in. You can then begin attaching your ducting.

Some will only choose to timber up the window by drilling certain plywood or plasterboard into the frame of the window through a cut-out hole for the passage of the ducting. An easy way is to ensure that you first cut out the hole.

Ventilating a Small Grow-Op

Micro-cultivators growing a few plants in a cabinet can demonstrate simpler ventilation. It does not even cost you anything. If your small grow-op is set on an extra room, you may open a window two or three times a day to allow the penetration of fresh air. For cultivators who are employing CFL, LED, or low-power HID 250-watts lighting systems, too much heat is not a problem.

Nevertheless, this strategy is dependent on the weather and surely not the best one. Also, you will have to put an investment for the alternative smell control system. Greater humidity can commonly be constrained through a dehumidifier and a small-size oscillating fan. Considering all these things, if you are only cropping several auto-flowering strains, you may likely escape from it.

Grow Room Requires Air Circulation

The logic behind the ventilation in a grow room is quite very simple – marijuana plants require fresh air. Hence, each grow-op demands proper air exchange. That implies fresh, cool air in while hot air goes out.  Many cultivators set up improper ventilation in their grow room which is why they experience different concerns and issues later in the cultivation. Mould, fungi, and bugs relish a hot, dank environment with insufficient airflow. Whether you agree with it or not, proper ventilation is important to the cultivation of marijuana.

When outdoors, the wind will naturally exhibit air circulation which is why marijuana plants are likely to prosper being strong and hearty. A gentle gust reinforces the stems and assists the leaves of the plants to develop. Moreover, it makes it more challenging for the disturbing crawlers to commence residence in the garden.

If you are cultivating indoors, you should regulate airflow and artificially keep the exchange of air.


Just like how human beings require air to live, marijuana plants would also need proper ventilation to prosper. The enclosed grow room can be airless. It could survive but there is no chance that it can thrive. Air is important for the growth of the marijuana plant, as essential to the air that we take in.

Therefore, marijuana grow room ventilation is important. This is just as important as securing lights and giving marijuana the nutrients it needs. Proper ventilation will keep the fundamental conditions of the atmosphere – humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels. All these things have a contribution to the development and growth of the marijuana plant. If these elements are given sufficiently, the marijuana plan will get the best conditions for better growth.

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