Marijuana Grow Lights for a Good Cannabis Growing

Marijuana Grow Lights for a Good Cannabis Growing

Installation of an artificial light system is necessary if you are growing marijuana indoors. Since the natural sunlight is lacking inside, you need to provide the cannabis plants with an artificial light source to support the plant’s growth. Like any other plants, marijuana needs sunlight for photosynthesis and since it is absent in an indoor garden, then grow lights become a necessity.

Marijuana grow lights are necessary for the different stages of cannabis growth. With the absence of light, weed plants cannot thrive well especially during the vegetative phase in which the plants need to receive as much light. Commonly used marijuana grow lights are HID lights (metal halides and high-pressure sodium lamps), incandescent bulbs, fluorescents and LED lamps. Among them, the incandescent bulbs are the cheapest to purchase but more costly to run and are inefficient. It is not recommendable if you are aiming for an abundant yield of buds with high potency.

LED lamps are expensive during the initial set-up but are excellent for both the vegetative and flowering stages because of the blue and red spectrum of lights emitted. It is also a cost-effective option because LED lights consume a reduced amount of energy, ballast-free, release less heat so you do not have to worry about burning the top of the cannabis plants.

For fast vegetative growth, choose a type of marijuana grow light that emits the right spectrum. During the vegetative time of pot growing, plants need the blue spectrum. The metal halides emit blue spectrum, which is essential for vegetation while the HPS lights emit the red spectrum necessary for the budding time. HPS and metal halides are an excellent use for the vegetative period until the flowering time of the weed plants.

Marijuana grow lights come in different types to suit every weed grower’s gardening needs. In choosing the type of marijuana grow lights to use, consider factors like the number of plants present in the garden, the climate and the growth stage of marijuana.

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