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Light Reflectors on Weed Plants for Maximum Light Output

Light Reflectors on Weed Plants for Maximum Light Output

Light is not much of a concern if you are growing marijuana plants outdoors. All you need is to choose an outdoor garden spot where the plants can receive abundant sunlight especially during the vegetative phase. An excellent artificial lighting system is necessary in an indoor cannabis garden either in hydroponics set-up, in soil or growing pot using other types of mediums. Unless you are growing pot plants in a grow tent, you may need reflectors for a maximum light absorption. Through the use of reflectors, no amount of light is wasted. Instead, the light that is hitting the wall or other corners of the grow room is reflected back to the plants to be used up.

Mylar reflective foil or Mylar sheets, drip guards and air cooled are just some of the reflectors that can be used in indoor weed gardens. Cannabis plants can receive as much of the artificial light through the use of reflectors that are either manufactured with a heavy duty steel-made backbone or using 100% reflective aluminum material.

The light is only focused on the ganja plants if you have provided your indoor pot garden with light reflectors that will help reflect back all amount of light to the plants grown instead of allowing light to be wasted because it reflects on walls and other corners of an indoor garden.

Maximize light output and make sure that indoor marijuana plants can receive the amount of light needed. This can be made possible by securing reflectors inside your garden. Any amount of light that is hitting the wall and the four corners of your indoor garden are reflected back for the cannabis plants to use up. With maximum light absorption, plants can grow healthy and fast especially during the vegetative phase. Good to excellent yield can be obtained from pot plants that are receiving an adequate amount of light.

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