Kaya Cuenca Review: Meet One of the Members of Kaya GrowShops Based in Central Spain

While there are many grow shops out there, not all of these manage to make it through the years.

Thus, we are always excited to interact with seed banks and grow shops, which have established a good reputation throughout the years.

One such shop we discovered is Kaya Cuenca. Find out more impressions we share in the review below.

Kaya Cuenca is part of the big family of Kaya GrowShops, which are located in various districts in Spain.

Kaya Cuenca’s grow shop is established in Cuenca, which is situated in Central Spain.

For more than 10 years, Kali Growshops’ branches have been providing their clients with the highest quality seeds, as well as a full list of growing tools and equipment.

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Best Features of Kaya Cuenca

– apart from the vast range of cannabis seeds by reputable seed banks available, you will also find everything you need as a marijuana cultivator, including lighting, ventilation, grow boxes, fertilizers, and more at affordable prices.

Shipping Information

Kaya GrowShops’ policy allows worldwide shipping. It is one of the seed banks that ship to USA. However, since Kaya Cuenca does not have a website of their own, in order to obtain more information regarding delivery, you need to contact Kaya Growshops’ headquarters.

Shipping in Spain is very fast and takes up only between 24 to 48 hours.

Seed Selections

Some of the seed banks, which are part of Kaya Cuenca’s partnership program include all-time favorite names, such as Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds, and Barney’s Farm, among many others.

Thus, multiple marijuana seeds varieties are available, including the traditional Regular seeds but also featuring Feminized, Autoflowering, as well as high-CBD strains.

The number of seeds per package varies depending on the breeder.

Customer Service

For more information you need to obtain about Kaya Cuenca’s services and products, you can contact the company both via telephone or email.

As the company does not have a website of their own, you will have to reach out to Kaya GrowShops’ headquarters.

Website Functionality

Kaya Cuenca’s shop does not have a functioning website up-to-date.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Kaya Cuenca’s policy regarding pricing and payment methods when it comes to shipping some of their products depends on your location and personal preferences.

For more information, you need to contact the company by the contacts we have listed above.

Our Verdict

We are happy to see Kaya Cuenca’s vast selection of products being on the market for so many years which only makes you feel confident about opting for their services.

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