Kannabia 5 Seed Bank Review

Kannabia 5 Seed Bank Review

Kannabia 5 Seeds company was established in the Czech Republic, and is one of the very few seed banks originating and operated in this particular region.

Unfortunately, the company’s website which used to be available is no longer accessible.

Any information regarding whether or not the website will be re-established and if it has been pulled down due to maintenance reasons or because of other issues is still lacking up-to-date.

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Best Features of Ecobio Kannabia 5 Seeds

Shipping Information

The company used to feature free shipping within the Czech Republic for any purchase over 1400 CZK. It is uncertain if this is one of the seed banks that ship to USA.

More information about international shipping policy was obtained after contacting the company.

Seed Selections

The seed selection of Kannabia 5 Seeds was focused on Autflowering and Feminized varieties.

Some of the strains which used to be featured on Kannabia 5 Seeds website include Diesel Feminized, Kannabia Big Bud Auto, and Kannabia Aphrodite, among others.

Just like the very name of the company suggests, the seeds were available in a pack of 5.

Website Functionality

As we already mentioned above, the website of Kannabia 5 Seeds has been off the Internet for quite some time.

Pricing and Payment Methods

The payment methods, accepted by the company include Cash on delivery and Credit Cards.

Our Verdict

We are used to seeing marijuana seed banks and companies come and go.

Some manage to return after a short period of time while others remain in the underground while their services are still available to those who are familiar with their existence.

We hope Kannabia 5 Seeds can find a way to make it back on the online cannabis stage.

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