Is it Safe and Legal to Sell Marijuana Seeds Online?

There are a lot of online marijuana seed banks which you can order marijuana seeds from. They offer worldwide discreet shipping while some only select the countries to which they are shipping to. Now, let’s answer the question about safe and legal in two different answers.

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Let’s start with “is it legal to sell marijuana seeds online?” question:

Most of these online marijuana seed banks are based in countries where marijuana is legal and the selling marijuana seeds are fine. Most of them (if not all) are paying taxes and are registered marijuana seed sellers maybe for collection purposes to preserve their genetics or for medical patients only. Those who offer worldwide shipping have disclaimers that indicate that the customers should check their local laws before ordering to avoid getting their order seized.

Aside from that, there is no country that owns the internet so anybody can sell anything on the internet. It’s up to the buyer to take the risk of not following his own country’s laws. Most of these seed banks are actually too good at hiding their seed shipments that even the highest tech customs can’t detect the seeds.

Now, let’s go to the second question: “Is it safe to sell marijuana seeds online?”.

It isn’t if you are in the USA and other countries where marijuana is still not totally legal. For countries like Canada, Amsterdam, UK and other countries where marijuana seeds selling is legal where seed companies are paying their taxes, then selling on the internet is completely safe.

If you are planning on selling your own marijuana seeds on the internet, then you better think of it before going ahead. Check your local laws or hide your IP or whatever you can do to avoid the problems that might hinder you from being successful with your own marijuana seeds selling the business.


In countries where marijuana is legal, marijuana seeds are sold in retail seed stores and dispensaries. Go to Amsterdam or Canada, and you can find some high-quality marijuana seeds for sale in traditional stores nationwide.

More and more growers are buying their marijuana seeds on the internet and some of them got robbed by their country’s customs because of their orders get seized or broken. However, as seed companies are getting very tricky 80% – 95% of seed orders to the USA and other countries get through.

If you are thinking about starting your own business by selling marijuana seeds on the internet, then think about it first. Do your homework first and if you are 100% sure that you are safe and you can bring your business to the next level legally then you can surely make a lot of money. The marijuana industry is a booming industry with billions of dollars to make.

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