Ice Queen Strain Review

Ice Queen Marijuana Strain Review

Ice Queen medical marijuana is bred by TGA Subcool Seeds. It is a result of crossing Cheese and Space Queen. This sativa-dominant cannabis plant has 3 phenotypes yet the common appearance that these have are the delightfully white sparkling crystallines of the resin laden buds in bloom.

With the THC level reaching a high of 25 percent, this potent medical marijuana plant heightens the senses and brings about a euphoria with an unleashing of creativity. It is an effective treatment for a number of health concerns such as depression, stress, and insomnia. It is also a highly effective pain reliever as it does have a sedative effect.

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Ice Queen Marijuana Strain Specification

Type: Indica 10%/ Sativa 90%
Flowering Period: 8 to 10 weeks
Climate: Indoor or Outdoor
Yield: Low
Flavors: Tea, Sweet, Pine, Pepper
THC Level: 18 – 25%
Height: Tall
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of Ice Queen?

Sativa-dominant, the mind-changing effects start off with a euphoric haze that can make a person feel happier. It taps the mind to unleash creativity. There is a relaxed mode that does not overcome the energizing effect. It can make a person feel hungry.

What are the Medical Benefits of Ice Queen?

This medical marijuana strain is a highly effective treatment for depression. It is an excellent stress reliever. It also works to get rid of the pain. It is an appetite stimulant. It works as an effective sleep aid. It is also an effective treatment for anxiety-related disorders. This has excellent calming and sedative powers.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Ice Queen?

Taking this weed might cause a slight headache and/or dizziness. There is a slight chance of feeling paranoid. Cottonmouth and dry eyes can occur.

Tips for Growing Ice Queen

This cannabis plant is low yielding with a max of 35 ounces for each plant when grown outdoors. Easy to grow, expect that there will be 3 different phenotypes and slightly adjust the care according to appearance. Since it is sativa-dominant, expect tall plants that would be better off with support. Even if it has low yields, this is still a nice choice to cultivate because of the pleasurable effects.

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