I Love Growing Marijuana Review

I Love Growing Marijuana Review – An In-depth Review of ILGM

I Love Growing Marijuana was founded by Robert Bergman, a simple breeder from Amsterdam. Robert Bergman has already developed the expertise for breeding cannabis for more than 20 years already.

ILGM is not only a worldwide distributor of marijuana seeds; Robert Bergman and his team also teach marijuana enthusiasts the traits of a marijuana plant protector, harvesting techniques, as well as selling them.

This company that Robert Bergman founded, is also is known for its best-selling and top-notch marijuana seeds. Their cannabis seeds are being carefully and meticulously selected so that growing pot should be guaranteed of high quality. ILGM offers a free Marijuana Grow Bible as an additional gift for its many clients and customers.

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It offers free shipping

What you need to know availing of your cannabis seeds in this online seed bank is that you will be able to enjoy free shipping and high delivery guarantee rate. This should be a very beneficial cost advantage for most marijuana growers who are keen on being able to save a lot from such a purchase.

It offers great freebies

Aside from the fact that you would be able to enjoy a good selection of high quality seeds from this site, ILGM offers free seeds and other freebies such as Marijuana Grow Bible – a free downloadable manual from the site.

It provides a secure payment facility

One of the best things about the ILGM seed bank is that it sets us a very reliable payment system to make sure customers would find it easy to place their next order. Secured credit card payment option is what makes them one of the best.


They sell unbranded seeds

There has been much talk about the reason why they sell cheap marijuana seeds. That the very reason why this is so is that they do sell unbranded seeds which could be a big disappointment for most breeders.

Poor customer service

There are also some complaints that were made and that most of these buyers have been very much disappointed as to how this online seed bank handles customer complaints and inquiries. Their customer support department is what they need to work on.

Non-delivery of items was noted

Some complaints have been made as to the non-receipt of the goods paid and ordered. This can be very much a letdown especially if you are a first-time cannabis grower who wants to order cannabis online.


As per their claim, the shipping of the said item especially bound for the United States would usually take between 5 days up to 25 working days. They further guarantee that because of how well they pack the orders and their stealthy way of concealing such items during shipping, rest assured that one will not have any trouble with the customs and its related customs delay. Thus, the average shipping time of the said order would only be about 10 business days.

ILGM seed bank provides worldwide shipping. However, such is still bound by the laws under which the destination country would be governed. The company is also keen on providing no guarantee on shipping to some selected countries such as China, Israel, or the Philippines due to their respective laws and regulation.

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Payment Methods and Pricing

Because I Love Growing Marijuana boasts of its effective payment system, this company accepts payment options through cash, credit card, and one of the newest payment options online which is the Bitcoin. Each of these payment methods would provide you a reliable step-by-step instructions as to how such a payment method would go through successfully without any hassle at all.

While it is true that they do have a limited selection and that such is already being pre-selected, one should rest assured of the very competitive price that it offers as compared to competitors.

Customer Feedbacks and Reviews

“I haven’t had success every time I order marijuana seeds online, till I came upon marijuana seeds from ILGM. It’s by far the best seed bank for me. Quick delivery, clever packaging, and all in all accommodating support team. The website is easy to navigate and very informative. The ILGM blog as well as the other grow guides teach you how to be a marijuana plant protector. I had problems germinating and correspondence with the customer support team solved my problems in regard to questions that may have occurred along the way and factors I hadn’t considered that neither buyer nor seller could do much about, such as shipping causing damage to the marijuana seeds, as mine were intact upon arrival. ILGM customer service kindly replaced my order and I look forward to starting anew. I shall definitely be doing my future purchases with ILGM, as they have great cannabis seed quality and are a great place that has customer service that is nothing less than excellent! Bravo!”

  • RSR


“That site appears to sell unbranded seeds of different strains, which would mean they’re either buying cheap from a known or unknown breeder or selling highest quality seeds they’ve bred themselves. You might get something awesome, or you might not. The seeds you get maybe what they describe – and they may not be. It’s a definite risk.”

  • GorillaSeedBank


Final Verdict

After careful deliberation, one should have due diligence when it comes to assessing the extent of trust that you will be giving to this company. Indeed, it may offer a great price and even better freebies which is a good aspect for most buyers. However, if you are after quality cannabis seeds, one should be more scrutinizing of their marijuana seeds.