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How to Use Natural Sunlight in Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing marijuana indoors is possible provided you know how to do it. Sunlight is essential in growing cannabis. The more light it gets, the more it has energy to grow and become ripen. Putting your plants in movable pots so you can easily transfer it from one place to another where sunlight is available is a must. In order to help your plants get as much natural sunlight as it should, you must place it in a location where plenty of sunlight passes through during the day meaning you have to locate the area in your house which receives more sunlight.

But if you have an attic where there are skylights, it is suitable for your plants to grow in there. Weed can survive receiving sunlight for four hours at least. However, it can survive with just mere sunlight. Providing your plants with nutrients will make it healthy. Chemical fertilizer is a no but you can use worm castings. It is done by making a vermicomposter or a container filled of humus with worms being fed with organic waste. The poops of these worms provide the necessary nutrients and minerals for the plant. It serves as your instant source of natural fertilizer.

If you happen to have a wide, enclosed space in your house where there is no roof perhaps at the back of your house where no one can peep in, you may place your pots of cannabis in there especially if you don’t have neighbors or the spaces between houses in your area are considerably wide. There is so much sunlight which these plants can be absorbed more so if you get to place them on the eastside where sun shines bright first in the morning. Absorbing more sunlight speeds up the ripening process of the plants.

While other growers are using artificial light to growing marijuana indoors, the use of natural sunlight is better as well as cheaper. You only need to plan ahead before setting up your plant. The location is strategic to succeed in your task. Aside from looking for the area where it can receive direct light from the sun, you also need to find a place where it is not susceptible to the prying eyes of people more so to those who are looking for it, an area away from the streets and where no potential breach is advisable and preferable.

If your place has limited space just like when you are just renting a small room, getting natural sunlight for your plant would require consistent care. You would need to be always on the lookout in order to take your plants to the place where sunlight passes through and hide it again after to prevent other people from seeing your cannabis. Growing weeds indoors or at home must be a sacred thing to do and should not be divulged to anyone even to your best friend.