how to prune marijuana plants

How to Prune Marijuana Plants Like a Pro

When we talk about pruning, numerous marijuana cultivators would likely get devastated. Pruning is a contentious subject. Some cultivators think that it is an indispensable step in regulating the size of the plant as well as the yield. Others believe that marijuana plants must be freed and should be allowed to thrive wild.

How to prune marijuana plants? Pruning is a fundamental step to enhance the quality of the marijuana plants as well as their yield. It is a fond method between the grower and the marijuana plant and lets you intently monitor your plants and be on top of their health. You might find it a bit unusual to deliberately break parts of the plant. However, you should feel better after learning that these parts do not produce good buds since they do not get a good volume of light.

Regardless of your stand when it comes to pruning, you will likely prune your plants at a certain point.

Learning How to Prune Marijuana Plants

Determining the correct steps in pruning is important. Surely, this process is an easy task to do; however, it also involves a certain technique. To teach you how to prune marijuana plants, here are the things that you must do:

Secure the Equipment

Before anything else, see to it that you have the essential equipment. It is advised that you get some pairs of scissors, ideally Chikamasas or Fiskars. Moreover, you must have various cutting equipment to perform different pruning jobs.

You must be tricky in certain areas, but in some, you will need something more powerful to clear away large branches. See to it that your cutting tools are clean and razor-sharp to inhibit infection.

Concentrate on the Lower Branches

Your plant has to consume an immense volume of energy to keep its entire branches and leaves. Nevertheless, an essential volume of these branches will give a bit of aid to the process of growth. They will act nothing more but consume valuable nutrients.

You can find certain branches in the lower portion of the plant. While they get next to the absence of light, they shall bear not fully developed buds. Wait for the time that your plants grow with a height of 0.6m and start eliminating these gratuitous branches at the lower part. You must get rid of the big branches first. Do not feel guilty when doing it – know that you are doing your plants a favor in terms of yield.

Precise Pruning

The next step is to proceed with the middle branches. The same with the lower branches, these branches are not likely to get sufficient sunlight. Your next stopping place would be the bud sites that are concealed from the sun. inspect the lower halves of your plant as well as the canopy branches.

Pruning the Leaves

The top cola has an element that may inhibit the development of other branches. Cutting it will let you allocate energy to other occurring branches. It is particularly necessary to remove the tip when cultivating outdoors if you are worried about the excessive height of the plant.

If your indoor space is limited or plans to cultivate through Screen of Green, cutting the top cola is recommended. If you remove the tip, allow several days for the recovery of your plant.

While the process of pruning bolsters, elaborate cutting becomes fundamental. This is the reason why the edges and blades of the scissors must be strong and razor-sharp. Never consider to tear out the branches! Bear in mind that you are efficiently cutting off the limbs of the plant, so you should be cautious. The danger of too much shock on your plant implies that you must perform at interludes instead of doing everything simultaneously.

Important Reminders when Pruning Marijuana Plants

Although you might have heard it before, it will be worthy to emphasize that if a plant is hurting, it creates a hormonal reaction, including the so-called jasmonic acid. Once this acid is produced, the plant starts to concentrate on deterrence instead of growth. It is even conceivable that this tendency to fight will bar development or entirely get rid of the buds.

Another thing to remember in pruning is to go away from over-pruning. With the rage of pruning the marijuana plants, it will be possible that you will end up overdoing it and ultimately injure your yields. In certain instances, it is solely a condition of getting rid of some THC-abundant leaves early to relish your plant before yield. Although comprehensible, you are depriving your long haul since the most flavorful and potent marijuana is not attainable until the time of harvest.

If this is your first time to prune, check whether the branches are originating from the lowest stem of a certain leaf. If you see one, you should not cut it off. Moreover, do not uncover a branch or a stalk of its entire leaves. See to it that you immediately water the plant after the process of pruning to encourage growth and lessen the shock.

Many growers feel flatten with the idea of cutting off the leaves early. Leaves that are pruned early, specifically those that are less than 12 weeks old, have low THC content. It may appear like a scrap, but if you will look at it in a larger picture, you are performing it to boost yield.

In the end, you cannot get the assurance to have a successful pruning. There could be some instances that even if you cautiously look after your plants for several months, it still produces a depressing yield. Nevertheless, it is remarkably rare to occur.


Learning how to prune marijuana plants the right way is an essential step for becoming a pro-marijuana grower. Pruning, if done properly, can help cultivators to boost their yield for better buds. You should not hesitate to prune your plants because it will barely create calamitous damage. You should know that this process was established to help your plants and not destroy them.

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