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How to Minimize Stretch in Cannabis Plant Growth

Stretch is the term used to describe the natural vertical growth shot during the early stage of flowering and is considered as a problem in indoor marijuana growing because it is found to reduce the number of buds harvested. Stretching of cannabis plants can also occur during the vegetative period but the early 2 weeks of the budding phase shows the most dramatic growth in the internode spacing and height. A growing cannabis eBook can give additional information on how stretch can greatly affect the growth of marijuana plants and how to minimize it.

Why stretch becomes a problem for some pot growers?

Some weed growers will allow their plants to stretch more during the vegetative period to produce big colas and high yield while some see it as an unavoidable problem in growing indoors that can reduce the yield of some weed strains. Stretch becomes a problem since it can produce tall ganja plants having weak and lanky stems. It can also be a problem to growers having an indoor room with limited ceiling height. When cannabis plants are allowed to stretch much during the flowering phase, they have the tendency to get damaged and fall over as the weight of the buds increases.

How stretch can be minimized?

1. To minimize stretching, keep the light source at an optimal distance because the improper positioning of light is one of the major causes of stretch on marijuana plants.

2. Adequate spacing should also be provided because weed plants that grow in a crowded garden have the tendency to stretch on top of each other struggling for light.

3. Keep the internodal space shorter by using a metal halide light while plants are on the vegetative phase.

4. Provide the marijuana plants with an optimum growing environment to prevent stress on them because stretching can usually result because of environmental stresses.

Marijuana plants that are allowed to stretch more during the flowering period may give a yield that is 30 to 50% less. Getting yourself a growing cannabis eBook can do a lot of help as it presents various information on how to reduce stretching of the ganja plants that are grown indoors. However, encouraging stretch is also a good way to avoid bud rot formation in some strains that are at high risk while producing massive yield.

Cultivating your own weed is rewarding but it is relatively important to know the pros and cons of cannabis growing so you’ll have an idea on what to expect.

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