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How to Make your Marijuana Buds Great Tasting

Depending on your personal preference, marijuana buds can be harvested early or late. The most exciting part of pot growing is probably the harvest time. Timing is the key if you want to harvest the best-tasting marijuana buds. Indica can be harvested earlier as they mature faster than sativa while harvesting buds produced by hybrid cannabis plants can be done earlier or later, depending on the kind of high you want to experience. Knowing when is the best time to harvest the buds is a skill that a grower needs to master.

Great-tasting cannabis buds can be obtained with proper harvest timing and knowing when is the right time to stop feeding the marijuana plants with nutrients. The secret of getting the best-tasting buds is to stop nutrient feeding 2 weeks before harvest time. Once you notice that clear to milky translucent trichomes are starting to change to amber color, feeding of nutrients should be stopped to let the nutrients stored in the marijuana plants to be used up during the growth cycle and not in the buds.

How to harvest marijuana buds?

1. Prepare all the tools you need during harvest including the working area and make sure that all are clean to prevent contamination.

2. Cut the marijuana plant and hang it upside down to dry. Cut the plants as low as possible so they can easily be hanged. Once all the plants are cut, hang them upside down in a line.

3. Trim the medium to large-sized leaves of the marijuana plants and you may leave some smaller leaves. Note that the leaves you have taken from the plants can be used to make a hash.

4. Hang the cut cannabis plants for a day or two until dry. To check if buds are already dry, bend the stems and if they will snap, then buds are already dry.

5. Prepare the dried marijuana buds for curing.

During your first time of growing marijuana plants, harvesting great-tasting buds may not be done perfectly but through experience and some trials and errors, you will soon figure out how and when to harvest buds that are best-tasting and high quality. When you see that marijuana plants have reached their maturity, start harvesting the buds and do it in proper timing. Cut the plants using sharp scissors and hang them dry. Before cutting the weed plants, you may need to do a little trimming or manicuring so it would be easier for you to hang the plants upside down.

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