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How to Make Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds have created some noise in the cannabis scene during the past few years. Coming from the excitement of the release of some quality strains, autoflowering marijuana seeds producing autoflowering strains have significantly become a hot topic. With their continuous rise in terms of popularity, a lot of growers are now searching to develop their own strains and potentially supply their own seeds.

The History of Growing Marijuana

Autoflowering seeds come from the species cannabis ruderalis. This genus has been considered as standalone which might have descended from the so-called ‘escapees’ coming from plantations which have evolved in the wild.

These plants were generally from the northern areas of both eastern and central Europe, as well as central Asia wherein the environmental conditions are quite different to the warmer areas that are often associated with the growing of cannabis plants.

In its wild state, strains produced from autoflowering marijuana seeds typically lack the commonly known strong psychoactive effects of its counterparts. However, these particular species have been used all throughout history due to its medicinal properties.

As years passed by, experimentation with crossbreeding ruderalis with other species such as sativa and indica have been conducted, resulting in an interesting mix of autoflowering strains. Even though some of the experiments had some success, most of the results were quite unstable and can no longer be consistency repeated.

Making Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

The first thing that needs to be done here is to make sure that you purchase regular seeds, not the feminized ones. Regular seeds may either be male or female. While the seed is growing, it is important to be watchful in spotting the preflowers so that identifying the sex of the plants can be effectively done.

The specific age in which the strains show off their gender may actually vary depending on the strain and the condition. As a general rule, you may expect males to show the pollen sacs around four weeks from germination. On the other hand, females may identify themselves after around 5 weeks. The idea behind sexing is typically the same as with what is done with regular plants.

After identifying the sex of the plants, you have the option to allow nature to deal with it. However, if the plants are located close to each other, most likely, one single male can pollinate all the other females in the garden, making them bear seed and giving you hundreds of other seeds. Most farmers have become inquisitive and curious on how to get better and bigger buds for their plants. During the earlier stage of development, it is important to search for the plants with the best aroma and growth. These are the ones that are most likely to grow into plants that can give you the yields and flavors that you want.

As soon as these plants show their sex, they need to be separated right away. Now that you have chosen the best autoflowering seeds out of the quality plants, the next thing that you need to work on is learning how to cross breed them in order to come up with a good quality strain.