How to Make a Marijuana Plant Bushy

How to Make a Marijuana Plant Bushy

Every grower’s dream is to be able to have a healthy and bountiful harvest. Growing cannabis can be a rewarding experience if you know how to take good care of your crop. Knowing how to make a marijuana plant bushy is a key factor in producing high-quality yield.

We all know that cannabis is a versatile plant. It can grow in different growing environments and can be very productive. But different practices can help you in improving the quality of your crop by growing a healthy and bushier cannabis plant.

Tips on How to make a marijuana plant bushy

Cannabis plants can grow with minimal supervision but if you want to grow bushier plants, there several factors that you need to consider. Your plant may be exposed to a particular technique or training to be able to grow bushier. Here are several factors and tips that you need to consider how to make a marijuana plant bushy:

  • Removing some parts of the plant. This can be done by using sterilized scissors or razors. Cutting unwanted parts of the plants will give way to newer buds and will also allow the plant to concentrate the release of energy and nutrients to the plants.
  • Make sure to provide the right nutrients that the plant needs. If you are to grow bushier plants, you can apply different methods to achieve it but it is still important to feed your plants properly. Just an important reminder though, do not overfeed your plants as this may lead to nutrient burn. If that happens, make sure to flush with water.
  • In growing bushier marijuana plants, the important thing is to maximize the space. Before you apply a particular technique to make your plant bushier, make sure that you have the ideal space for it to grow and it should not be crowded as they grow bigger. 
  • Create an ideal growing environment. Make sure that the plants will be exposed to less stress and will grow with the essential factors that it needs to grow healthy. If you have used any growing methods to make your plants bushier, make sure that it will be exposed to the kind of environment that will maximize its growth.

Different growing methods/techniques on how to make a marijuana plant bushy

There are different growing techniques and methods that a grower must do to achieve bushier marijuana plants. Most cannabis plants do not grow bushier, some grow thin and tall thus these methods and practices will help you in achieving bushier plants.


Fimming is like giving your plant a haircut by removing the top part. This will not cause stress to the plant thus it will not have any negative effects. It allows the plant to grow bushier because by cutting off the top plant will give way to new parts. Fimming is ideal for young cannabis plants. 


Topping is another effective way of growing bushier marijuana plants. Topping involves cutting off the plant’s top part of the plant for it to grow new parts that are thicker. Topping allows your plant to grow bushier instead of growing skinny and tall.

LST (Low-Stress Training)

This method involves the process of slowly bending the branches in a particular direction. As the name suggests, this may stress the plant but it is something that they can tolerate. The main reason for LST is to bend the parts of the plant where it can have a better space to grow, making sure that it grows in the right direction.


This method involves the removal of the side branches and as well as the lower branches of the plants. The reason why this is an effective method is that the removal of the small and side branches will allow the plant to put all its energy into its main branches. Another advantage of removing the smaller branches on the base part of the plant will allow better air circulation which is very beneficial to the marijuana plant.

Monster Cropping

This method will let you have an abundant number of flowering plants. Monster cropping as it is named will definitely give you a monstrous yield. It is done by taking clones of the plant during the flowering period and then replant them. These flowering clones grow dense and bushy. In monster cropping, you don’t have to keep the mother plant which can occupy space that can still be used by the other plants. 

Super Cropping

This method involves bending the branches of the main plant stem so that you can increase the plant nutrient uptake. This is also known as “high-stress training” as you need to apply some force to bend the stems which result in the plant gets stressed. You have to be very careful in applying this technique because there are plants that cannot withstand the stress. 

Sea of Green (SOG)

This is a popular technique that allows you to grow small plants. SOG involves putting the plants close together. They grow in a compact environment but they are not lacking light exposure and their needed nutrients. In SOG, the plants need little time which will let you harvest them in just a short time as well. You won’t need to trim the plants as well because they will grow small branches thus it will also concentrate on putting more nutrients and energy on the main plant.

The screen of Green (SCROG)

SCROG uses a screen, chicken wire, or net in growing your marijuana plants. The net is attached to a particular height above the plants so they can grow. As soon as the plants reach the height, they will grow in another direction or it will begin to grow out thus making the plant bushier or wider. 


This technique involves pouring clean water through the soil of the marijuana plant so that you can flush out excess solid or nutrients. This is often practiced when the plant is suffering from excess nutrients or nutrient burn in its growing medium. If you are growing your plant through hydroponics, you just have to drain the water reservoir and then refill it again.


In mainlining, the branches grow in a direct direction to its main stem. This would allow the large branches to get more energy and nutrients thus it will result in a bigger yield. The plants also grow dense buds and tend to become very bushy. 

Most methods and techniques on how to make a marijuana plant bushy should be carefully done as this will expose your plant to either low or high stress so make sure that your plant will be able to deal with it. Having bushier plants will also lead to having dense buds thus resulting in better and higher quality yield. 

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