How to Make a Marijuana Clone Box

How to Make a Marijuana Clone Box

The cannabis plant is versatile and easy to grow. It can be cultivated from seeds and also through a process known as cloning. When cloning cannabis plants, you take a stem or a branch from the mother plant and care for it until it’s ready to be transplanted to a growing medium. And just like any regular plant, you must care for your clones the best way possible. One of these is to use a special growing space reserved only for your clones. We’ll show you how to make a marijuana clone box.

What is a marijuana clone box?

A clone box is simply a small, secure space where you can quietly and efficiently cultivate clones until these are ready for transplant. You can use just about any kind of growing space to cultivate clones but we came up with a better clone box and we’ll show you how it’s done.

Why place your clone plants in a grow box?

A clone box is for newly-harvested clones and just like cannabis seedlings, these are very fragile and need special protection and care. Growing clones in a grow box will provide the utmost protection. Take note of other reasons to keep clone plants inside a clone box.

1) Perfect temperature and humidity for cannabis plants

Clone cannabis plants require different temperatures and humidity levels than regular plants. Clones will grow best in warmer temperatures of 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels of 90 to 100 percent. These environmental factors are exclusively for clones as seedlings, vegging plants and blooming plants won’t be able to survive these! Therefore, you cannot mix clones with other cannabis plants in any life stage.

2) Keep clones protected from pests

Pests don’t care what stage your plants are and will gladly take a bite out of juicy stems and branches any day. Clones are very vulnerable to pests as they don’t have the ways to keep them off as older plants do. Some studies show that THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in cannabis is a natural pest repellent. Newly –cloned plants don’t have these yet. Also, if young clones were to get pests, no way these will survive pest control products, even natural pest repellents.

3) Avoid any stress to clone plants

Just like young cannabis plants, clones need a nice, quiet place where they can grow without any interruptions. Avoid stressing your clones and grow them inside a marijuana clone box.

How to make a marijuana clone box – Guide

Here is a step by step instructions on how to make a marijuana grow box from scratch.

What you will need

  • An old cabinet or a closet with a door or lid – a small cabinet would be best
  • Strong CFL lamps – we choose CFL lamps as these provide better coverage and improve temperature inside the grow box to benefit your clones.
  • Digital thermometer and hygrometer – this is the best option as you need to monitor your clones regularly without the need to constantly open the box door or lid.


1) Clean an old cabinet or closet

Whether you’re using an old cabinet or closet, clear and clean it first before using it. Remove all clutter inside the cabinet. Examine the interior part of the cabinet for molds, pests, and for any holes, cracks and openings. If you spot mold, remove this with bleach and by placing the cabinet under the sun. If the mold is worse, find another box or cabinet. Remove pests by using pest control products but make sure to remove all residue before you place your plants in. To clean your cabinet, use warm water and soap. Dry the cabinet under the sun or use a high-intensity light. Repair any cracks, holes, and openings as you need to maintain the temperature and humidity inside the cabinet. Seal everything to keep the box lightproof.

2) Install growing equipment

Now that the cabinet is clean and free from pests and molds, you may now install your growing equipment. Start with your lamps. Assuming you are using a cabinet that has a height of two feet and a width of four feet, hang the lamp at the top using wire. Secure your electrical power cords. There must only be a few millimeters of space between your clones and the lamp. You may or may not install a fan as you need to maintain very high humidity and temperature. Install the monitor probes near your plants.

3) Prepare your clone plants

Right after harvesting the clones from the parent, dip these in cloning liquid or gel. This is a special formula that can stimulate root development. Afterward, place the clones in individual moist peat cubes. Use a cloning rack to steady your clones. Take note that the peat cubes should be kept moist always.

4) Set the grow box temperature and humidity

Set the growing parameters and measure before you place your plants in.

5) Close the lid or door

It can take only a few days for your clones to finally be ready for a transplant. You can tell that it’s time when you spot roots sprouting from the peat cubes. And the key to quick root development is to maintain the temperature and humidity inside the grow box.

How to maintain your cannabis clone grow box?

Don’t forget to moisten the peat cubes daily. Open the cabinet/box door only when you will water the peat cubes. Avoid changing the light position as this can stress your plants. Choose strains that are perfect for cloning. All cannabis may be cloned but some are better at it than others. Ask your local or online seed bank for cannabis clone strain recommendations as much as possible.

Keep the grow box secure at all times. Place a lock on the door. You may prefer to use a small cabinet or box to stealthily grow cannabis instead.

Now that you know how to make a marijuana clone box, you will surely be able to grow clones more confidently and successfully. 

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