How to Identify Male And Female Cannabis Through Sexing

In growing marijuana, the purpose of sexing the cannabis plants is for early detection of males and to take them out from an indoor or outdoor garden before they get the chance to pollinate the females which may then result to decrease in potency and bud production. If you want high yield and potency from the buds, make sure that you have taken all the male cannabis plants during the pre-flowering time. It requires expertise and experience for you to successfully identify males and females during the pre-flowering phase.

Weed Growing: Male Cannabis Plants for Breeding

Early sexing of marijuana plants is done so pot growers would know if how many males and how many are females in their growing weed garden. If you are growing marijuana from a pack of regular seeds, almost 50% are males. The male characteristics are identifiable during the full- flowering and even during the pre-flowering time. Using a magnifying glass, you will notice the growth of small balls on the internodes of the plant instead of white hairs. The males usually have tall and stout stems having irregular branches. Male cannabis plants also have fewer leaves compared to the female ones. If you want to breed marijuana and have seed production, let the male plants stay in the garden so they can pollinate the females.

Cannabis Growing: Female Marijuana Plants for Bud Production

For great bud production and high potency, do not allow the male marijuana plants to pollinate the female cannabis. When pollination occurs during pot growing, the potency of the buds produced by the female plants is lowered. Grow only female marijuana plants if you only want those that will produce buds. Sexing of cannabis can be done during the pre-flowering stage of growing cannabis. However, it is quite difficult to identify females during this time. Female cannabis will develop pistils or the small white hairs which will change into dark brown or reddish during maturity.

In four to six weeks, the pre-flowering stage of marijuana begins. This can be the best time for sexing the weed plants to sort out the male from the female ones. The action you will take will actually depend on your purpose of growing pot. If you want to breed marijuana, then allow the males to release pollens to pollinate the females. If you aim for an abundant harvest and high level of potency, grow only female plants and carefully pull out the males from the garden as soon as they are detected.

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