How to Identify and Prevent Marijuana Root Rotting Problems

Root rot is one of the common problems that growers may experience when marijuana plants are grown in a soil-less medium, in the soil, and in the hydro set-up. It is very important that growers should maintain a clean growing and working environment. Plants should be regularly monitored because Pythium may thrive in the garden and cause damage to the pot plants.

Also known as the damping-off disease, root rot commonly affect the cannabis plants during the seedling stage because of overwatering and poor draining properties of the medium that will cause the water to be stagnant.

Indications that your marijuana plants are affected with root/stem rot disease:

1. Leaves will start turning yellowish. They yellowing will usually start at the bottom of the node from the tips of the leaves going inwards.

2. The growth of marijuana plants is delayed without any obvious reason.

3. The leaves are drooping and the top of the growing shoots will oftentimes start to wilt.

4. The root collar will turn reddish and will eventually turn to black or brown ring circling the entire stem of the cannabis plant. The black/brown stem will turn necrotic, meaning the tissues will die because of the disease.

When cannabis plants are affected by this type of disease, the internal vascular tissues will still function but the external tissues will start to decline and looks like they are eaten away. Although the weed plant will look healthy, they are not and in a few days or so, it will just fall over because the affected stem can no longer support the plant’s weight.

Tips on how to handle marijuana plants affected with root rot:

1. The affected area of the plant should be immediately removed.

2. Expose the marijuana plants to more light intensity to allow warming of the soil and remove the excess mulch on the surface.

3. Five ml per liter of fungicide can be added to the growing medium. Spraying fungicide can bring back the plant’s proper growth.

4. Correct any wrong practices especially during watering.

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Root or stem rot is very difficult and almost impossible to treat because this disease is affecting the internal system of the plant. Root rot may not be easily detected even during the advanced stage because external parts of the plant may look healthy at first. Know the early symptoms of root/stem rot so you can save the ganja plants affected and bring them back to a healthy condition.