How to Grow Weed from Clones Versus Growing from Seeds

While everything else starts from seeds, cannabis may be one of those which requires one to think over before continuing with the growing process. Cannabis growers usually argue that due to the increasing demand for weeds, clones would fare better compared to growing with seeds. Let us start first on how to grow weed with seeds and on what situation will best make growing marijuana safer and better. The pros for seed germination are that they could keep the hybrid vigor compared to 2nd generation clones and it is more convenient to grow feminized seeds. In addition, growing marijuana from seeds would provide a new starting point in growing them. It was also found that the yield from seeds would be more likely to increase compared to clones.

Growing with clones

Cannabis growers have also found out that with clones, things are getting easier when it comes to producing weeds in no time. For starters and those who would want to know how to grow weed with clones better, here are some of the pros with the process. Clones are much more developed and that they could grow quickly compared to seeds. Mother clones will create daughter clones and identifying the male from a female would be easier. Given that the process is done in sufficient time and space, the clones would be made to flower in days and bud immediately. By being able to identify that a clone came from female cannabis, worrying about male cannabis will disappear.

Assess carefully the situation in growing cannabis

While growing marijuana seems easy for some, assessing the situation for growing cannabis could lead to better produce. There are people who learned how to grow weed from seeds, while other from clones. As a side note, seed growers would find that they have to exert extra effort on electricity, space and time because sees tend to grow buds longer compared to clones. Only if the seeds were bought from reputable seed banks, then there is a guarantee that the seeds were segregated from male seeds, unlike those who know how to grow weed from clones who knew that their clones are from female cannabis plants. While for those who are growing marijuana from clones would find that their clones are sometimes sensitive to shock and light. For the most part, those clones that have battled environmental stresses would let their clones inherit that trait of weak vigor.