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How to Grow Cannabis Using SCROG Method

Pot growers who have a limited space indoors but want to cultivate several weed plants all at the same time can use the Screen of Green method. Aside from giving the advantage of growing many plants even with a small-spaced garden area, the SCROG method makes the most efficient use of the lighting system. How to grow cannabis in this kind of method is almost the same with the Sea of Green method. The only difference is the use of a screen that will allow the top of the plants to spread along the horizontal plane.

What is SCROG (Screen of Green) method?

This is one of the most productive methods of how to grow cannabis. It is ideal for small stealth grows in old fridges, cabinets, containers, home-built grow tents and other grow area having a limited space. In this type of method, marijuana plants are trained to grow through a horizontal screen that is placed on top of them. It is one of the most effective methods of growing shorter weed plants and restricts them from growing taller.

How to Grow Weed Using Screen of Green method?

How to grow cannabis in SCROG and getting started may be the hardest part for some but once it is already set up, growers will have the advantage of growing their most favored strain in the most efficient way even if the strain was grown is known to stretch more during the vegetative and flowering stages. With the use of a screen such as garden netting, chicken wire, and even a hand-tied grid, the marijuana plants are trained to shoot stems on the holes of the screen with the bottom part being exposed to light.

The screen spacing should be 2 to 4 inches square or depending on the kind of pot strain grown. Installation of the screen is done during the early stage of the vegetative period. The screen is placed about 8 to 12 inches on top of the ganja plants.

There are many reasons why you should take the option of growing marijuana using the Screen of Green method. One reason is the advantage of cultivating lots of weed plants even with a relatively limited pot garden area. It also efficiently uses the light source so more yield of high-quality buds can be expected per watt. Growing weed in this method will give the marijuana plants a good light exposure which will result in having excellent yields.

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