How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

If you are growing weed, seed germination is very important so your time won’t be wasted in growing bad seeds. During the germination time, you will notice that bad seeds do not sprout. Germinate high quality and healthy marijuana seeds. In this process, you will need a clean, warm and dark working area. Pot seeds can germinate well if placed in a warm and dark room.

If you are serious in pot growing, you must know the proper way of germinating the seeds so your time and money won’t go wasted. Some marijuana enthusiasts who are a newbie in cannabis growing unluckily have low seed germination rate. This is because of poor techniques in seed germination and getting low-quality pot seeds. The quality of the seeds will determine the germination success. Germinate only good seeds and discard the bad ones.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds – What To Do

There are different ways on how to germinate seeds in weed growing. The most common is the use of a moistened paper towel. While on the process of seed germination, do not place the seeds in a location where they can receive direct sunlight. Keep the pot seeds in a warm area, about 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to keep all marijuana seeds moist. Never allow them to dry or else, the pot seeds will die. Be very careful in handling once you have noticed that seeds begin to split and tiny roots are starting to come out. You may transfer the seedlings in your preferred grow medium once you see shoot and roots emerging.

Seed Germination Using Moistened Paper Towel

Place the pot seeds over a small plate top with a moistened paper towel. Place the small plate containing the seeds in a warm cupboard. To make sure that marijuana seeds can germinate well, place them in a dark and warm area. Keep the room temperature warm and do not expose the seeds under direct sunlight. Always ensure that the paper towel is always moist to avoid the seeds from getting dry. In germinating using the paper towel method, you can expect the seeds to start opening within 2 days.

An abundant harvest of high quality and potent buds while growing pot cannot be obtained from growing poor cannabis seeds. For successful marijuana growing, start from getting quality seeds with high germination rate. To germinate pot seeds correctly and achieve a high rate of germination in growing marijuana, provide them with moisture and keep them in a warm and dark area until all have finally sprouted.

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