How to Dry Marijuana Properly

Whatever your reason for growing marijuana (medical or recreational), drying your weed the right way can make the difference in making your buds taste good and making it maintain its potency and effect.

Importance of Drying

Marijuana drying affects the final taste of the product. Too much drying or longer drying time can make the taste harsh or even dull. If you want to make your business much better, you need to make sure that all your products are dried properly. You can choose from various drying procedures that depend on your needs. These procedures are based on what your business needs, and what perfectly fits for you.

Screen Drying

This procedure uses a screen for drying. The buds of the crop must be placed on top of the screen and placed on a shelf. The screen acts as the air absorber so that the plant can still breathe in a closed room. This process is very good for those who are using buds of marijuana instead of stems. If you only need a small amount of this crop, a screen is perfect for you since it can support the tiny body of the buds. This is also very useful if hanging does not work for the size of the crop.

There is a major disadvantage of this kind of drying. First, the outcome of the plant will usually be harsh tasting due to the quick-drying; this is because it is small. The drying process will be hastened, thus the taste will be affected as well as its external appearance. Furthermore, this requires intensive labor due to the removal of the leaves from the bud and bud from the stem.

Cage Drying

This drying method is not literally placing the buds in a cage, but rather placing the buds in a cage-like material. This cage is made up of screen material. Use a 4inch long screen and create a 1.5 to 2 diameter cave. In order to this, you need to connect both sides of the screen, and just simply make a circular screen material, then hang the buds. This drying method is very useful especially if various drying material to be used. If you are using dryer or heaters, you can just easily turn the material and dry everything.

Line Drying

This is like hanging your clothes to dry. The whole plant or a stem of the plant is hanged upside down in the ceiling or the upper area of a room by creating a straight line using a wire. This wire will serve as the hanger of the plant. Since the stem is hanged as well together with the leaves, it will create a better taste because the stem will serve the leaves with the necessary water to live until no water is left.