How to Deal with Marijuana Plant Diseases

Growing marijuana is not just all about fun but it also entails a sense of responsibility, time, effort, skill and money to obtain a positive yield of high-quality buds to smoke. Like any other plants, marijuana crops are at risk to pest infestation, molds, and other plant diseases. When cannabis plants are affected and the disease becomes out of control, they can eventually die. It is best that you know what these diseases are and be familiarized on the ways to deal with these problems so you can save your ganja plants just in case they’ll get infected. Buy growing cannabis eBook so you will know more on how to identify the disease, prevention, how to handle the problem and treatment.

Most Common Diseases Affecting Marijuana’s Growth and How to Deal with Them

Powdery Mildew

This can result when the grow room has low humidity. The early sign that your weed plants are affected with mildew is when the leaves are becoming weak and turn yellowish. When not detected earlier, it can cause rot on the top of the plants. Maintain the proper level of humidity to prevent mildew and when marijuana plants are affected, remove the entire top to prevent infecting the whole plant.

Deprivation Illness

Marijuana plants can suffer from deprivation illness when some nutrients are lacking. It can easily be prevented by feeding the plants with the basic nutrients (NPK) and secondary nutrients if needed. Check on any changes on the leaves, stems, roots, and growth of the plants and know what suspected element may be lacking.

Pythium Infestation

This can result in the browning of the stem and complete falling over of the weed plants because of lack of support at the base of the stem. This disease is affecting the lower part of the roots, causing them to rot. To prevent your ganja plants from being infected with Pythium, keep your soil medium or rockwool at the right temperature. Once plants are suffering from Pythium infestation, you can use chemical but only in small amounts.
You will learn more about the different marijuana diseases when you buy growing cannabis ebook. Without any delay, buy growing cannabis ebook as soon as possible because what you can learn from the ebook can be a great help to save your marijuana plants, just in case they are stricken with pests or affected with any plant diseases. For a positive pot growing and a great harvest of quality buds, know what are the best ways to prevent these cannabis plant diseases and how to deal with them if your crops are already affected.

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