cloning weed in rockwool

How to Clone Marijuana using Rockwool

Cloning is the process done by several growers to get the exact replica of their most desired marijuana strain. Also, one of the reasons why several growers choose to start cultivating marijuana from clones and not from seeds is to save valuable time. In this process, the seed germination is skipped.

There are many ways on how cloning can be done. Old school hydroponic pot growers are using rockwool cubes for freshly cut marijuana cuttings. Using rockwool to root cannabis cuttings is the process that is found to be more successful because you will not be dealing with fragile roots during the transplant. Thus, there is less stress on the cuttings which will result in faster growth of stronger roots.

To make the process of cannabis cloning successful, simply follow the following steps:

1. Pre-soak the Rockwool cubes

The rockwool cubes should be treated overnight in a nutrient solution having a pH of 5.2. Use 2.5 ml of each component per gallon of water if you are using the GH nutrients. Then, squeeze out any excess solution. But before doing so, keep it hydrated with the same strength nutrient solution having a pH of 6.5. Use the remaining solution (with pH 6.5) until the marijuana clones will root.

2. Preparation of the marijuana clones

Take the marijuana cuttings that are about 2.5 to 3.5 inches plus another one inch below the surface. First, trim any shoots or leaves before taking the clones. Then, make the diagonal cut (1/4 inch below a node) on the stem of the plant where you will get the cuttings from.

Once the cuttings have been obtained, immediately dip them in the rooting liquid for 15 to 30 seconds. Tweak the marijuana cuttings to release any air bubbles.

Using large tweezers gently push the cannabis cutting into the hole. Squeeze the rockwool cube to hug the stem. Allow at least one inch of the stem to be in the rockwool cube.

During the first night, it is quite expected that marijuana cuttings will droop. Do not worry because, on the 2nd day, you will notice that the cuttings will begin to lift their heads. Keep the rockwool cubes wet during the entire process of cloning which can take about one to two weeks. If you see that the clones are already starting to root at the bottom of the cubes, you can already start watering them and make sure to drain the solution from the cubes.