How to Add Ventilation to the Cannabis Grow Room Area

Ventilating the growing space is important to bring in the fresh air inside and exhaust old, warm air that causes a high level of humidity. Too much moisture inside the grow room may invite growth of molds and giving a suitable environment for pests and other diseases. Growing marijuana tips and other useful resources that explain how to properly grow weed are available on our website. Obtain some growing marijuana tips to help you set up an indoor garden with good air ventilation system.

The overall growth of cannabis plants and the amount of yield are influenced by the quality of air and carbon dioxide in the growing space. If you are cultivating pot in an indoor space, a good ventilating system is a requirement for the plants to thrive well. Without ventilation, the room can get humid and hot and may eventually result in the damage of weed plants. Maintaining a good ventilation can help in minimizing the strong odor of marijuana to escape.

Keep in mind that the air which is ejected must be replaced with a cooler air.

How to add ventilation to an indoor grow area?

  • Place the exhaust fan on top of the grow space because warm air naturally rises on top and position the intake as close as possible to the bottom and it should just be a simple hole or light trap.
  • The passive intake should be a little larger than the exhaust and remember that the volume of the air expelled will be changed through the intake, so using an intake hole that is bigger will let the incoming air to be at lower speed. Thus, the fan will function more efficiently
  • In ventilating your indoor garden, the volume of air which is in cubic meters or cubic feet that is coming in is also the same volume which should be exhausted. The fan should also be big enough and will be able to move approximately 70 cubic feet of air in one minute.

There are several places where you can find and buy a ventilation system. You can buy it online and at a local DIY store. Different fans and exhaust system are available in large number in the market these days, so you can easily pick which one is best for the space and design of your indoor pot garden.

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