how much light is too much for cannabis

How Much Light is Too Much in your Marijuana

Light is an essential factor in growing plants, without its presence plants will just wither and die. In the process called photosynthesis which takes place primarily in, light is converted into chemical energy. The energy converted is used so that carbohydrates such as sugars are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water. This process is taken into consideration when growing Marijuana plants.

The Importance of Light in Growing Cannabis

The plant Cannabis or commonly known as marijuana and by numerous other names known as pot or Mary Jane, and etc. has lots of crucial factors to consider so as the plant grows leafy and strong. One of the major factors in growing this plant is light. Light intensity is good for this type of plant and as researchers say “the more light there is the better”. This factor tells us that cannabis loves light; getting abundant light means that marijuana will grow better. As to why this occurs? It is because, in this type of plant, the amount of light is correlated to the rate of its growth. During the stage when the plant conceives flowers the buds are likely to grow, how much more when given enough intensity of light. Comparing cannabis plants that are grown indoors with proper lighting with those that are grown outdoors with natural lighting, the previous can grow more potent and larger in size. But then again as the old cliché says “too much is not good”.

The Rules for growing Marijuana

The right amount of Light Intensity:

Table 1.1: Guide for watts per square foot.

ID Light Output(In Watts)Primary Growing Area(Size by Inch)Supplemental Area(Size by Inch)
100 WATTS2′ x 2′3′ x 3′
 250 WATTS3′ x 3′4′ x 4′
400 WATTS4′ x 4′6′ x 6′
600 WATTS6′ x 6′8′ x 8′
1000 WATTS8′ x 8′12′ x 12′

HID lighting is one of the most efficient ways to convert electricity into light that is available to the consumer. One type of it is Metal Halide

Metal Halide

(MH) This type of bulb of precious metal halides yields an amount of approximately 125 lumens for every watt when compared with 39 lumens for every watt using neon signals in addition to 17 lumens for every watt pertaining to typical incandescent lights. The main advantage of this type of bulb is actually the abundance within the blue spectrum. That shade or color of light assures cannabis plant growth and promotes excellent green leafy growth and keeping cannabis plants compact.

It is important that in growing cannabis we must always remember this “too much but still the right amount” so as the plant will not fickle. The usual problem in growing cannabis always occurs indoor, this is because sometimes growers forget that light is either too close to the plant or its intensity is too much. If this happens, it results in a “sunburn effect” in the plant. This usually occurs on young plants and new clones.

How do you test if the light is too much and too close to your cannabis?

In indoor planting, a simple experiment can be done. It is through setting up the right materials.

First step: Get your planting area ready and the grow lights. Turn the lights on when you’re ready.

Second step: Slowly and gently place your hand (palm down) at the top part of your plant. Wait for at least 10 to 15 seconds. The back of your hands will feel warm coming from the lights.

Results: If you feel that your hand feels too warm for your hand. Then the light intensity and range are too much and too close to your hand.

All of these imply that with the right care for your cannabis which can be done through assuring that your plant gets the right amount light, your crop will grow to produce better green leaves.