Hookahs for a Unique Way of Smoking Marijuana

Hookahs are also called as water pipes because these smoking devices are operating by indirect heat and water filtration. It is a traditional use in Asian countries and in some parts of Middle Eastern places. The smoke produced from hookahs is smooth because it passes through the water filled in the smoke chamber or base.

These water-filtered pipes are offering fresh and clean marijuana smoke. Using this smoking device will give you a unique way to smoke cannabis buds. Water can be added with flavor for a great-tasting pot smoke or you can mix water with ice for a cool marijuana smoke that soothes your throat and lungs.

Hookahs are available in different designs, sizes, colors and with 2 to 4 hoses so smoking weed buds can be enjoyed with friends.

Different parts of a hookah:

Smoke chamber this is the base part that is partially filled with water. The water placed in the smoke chamber can be added with ice or any flavor you like for a unique pot smoking experience.

Bowl is the heating apparatus where the weed buds to be smoked is placed.

Hose– is the part that connects the smoke chamber to the bowl.

Pipe– is connecting the other tube that does not drop into the water but just the air of the base.

Hookahs usually have 2 to 4 hoses or even more that are attached to the smoke chamber or base. This smoking paraphernalia is a perfect way of smoking weed buds with friends. The marijuana buds are heated slowly to produce a flavorful and rich smoke which you and your friends can enjoy together through the hoses attached to the smoke chamber. It is available in your favorite tobacco and online stores at different styles, designs and along with custom hoses, tongs, grommets and cleaning brushes.

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