Harvesting Marijuana

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Without any doubt, harvest time is the most sought-after part of pot growing because this is the time in which the growers can already taste the fruit of their labor. After several months of nurturing the marijuana plants, the harvest time is now coming. However, some growers are asking when exactly the best time is to harvest the buds. The right time of harvest is a matter of personal choice. You can opt to harvest the buds earlier or later, depending if you want buds that produce a body stone or a heady kind of high. Harvest time can be done from 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the type of strain but there are some indica varieties that will start to flower in as early as 6 to 7 weeks.

Signs that the buds are ready to harvest

1. White hairs will change their color into brown, reddish brown or orange. Buds are for harvest when most of the white pistils have already changed their color.

2.  The flowers will already swell with resins or form cluster of buds. The calyxes will begin to swell with more resin glands developing on the surface.

The difference of harvesting buds early and late

Yes, there is a big difference in harvesting the buds late and early. If buds are harvested early, the THC level is higher. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a chemical compound that produces an uplifting and psychedelic effect. The amount of THC present in the buds is at its peak during early harvest and can lower if you let the buds stay longer before they are harvested. During late harvest, the THC will undergo the process of oxidation in which tetrahydrocannabinol starts to break down and turn into cannabinol which is responsible for the stoned body effect and narcotic high. Buds are also denser and more compact when they are harvested late. Growers who are cultivating marijuana plants for selling do late harvesting for buds with heavier weight.

Allow the marijuana buds to over-ripen if you intend to sell them. That’s what most growers do if they are cultivating marijuana for selling purposes. Buds that are over-ripened are heavier because they produce extra resin in the seed pods. For an increase in weight of the buds, harvest them late but remember that when you wait too long to harvest, the THC content of the buds will drop and CBN content is higher.

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