Guerilla Marijuana Growing Tips

Guerilla farming in growing cannabis is growing marijuana plants outdoors that is far from home, in a place that cannot easily be accessed by other people. Growing weed in your own backyard increases your risks of getting caught by law enforcers. To stay away from the prying eyes of neighbors and visitors, cultivate cannabis plants in an outdoor garden spot away from your own house or any property. This way, other people and authorities cannot keep track on you.

Guerrilla farming is done by marijuana enthusiasts who want to grow weed on their own but afraid to do it in their own property because of some pot legality issues. Of course, guerilla farming is not necessary if cannabis growing is permitted in your country. If you are located in a place where marijuana is not yet legalized, do the pot growing as discreet as possible.

Cannabis Guerilla Farming-Growing Tips

  • Do not tell anyone about it, not even to your closest friends. Avoid bragging about your cannabis project. Other people might hear you and just before you knew it, marijuana buds are already harvested before you do. In worst cases, you might be reported to authorities. Never leave a trail.
  • Select a location that is out from other people’s view. Make sure that you have chosen a place where hikers and other adventurers do not usually pass by.
  • Get excellent quality outdoor cannabis seeds. Choose a strain that has high resistant to molds, pests and harsh environment. Take note that you are doing pot guerilla farming and weed plants are expected to experience varying changes in weather.
  • Grow cannabis near a natural water source like stream or river

Advantages of Cannabis Guerrilla Growing

  • Marijuana plants are kept away from the nosy neighbors and other people’s prying eyes.
  • Cannabis plants can receive as much natural sunlight which is necessary for photosynthesis and vegetative growth.
  • Since you are growing cannabis away from home or your own property, the risks of getting busted by authorities are lesser.

When growing marijuana in a location away from home, ensure a good water supply. Get high-quality pot seeds to grow. Select a kind of weed strain that has high resistance to pests and other plant diseases. Before you plant the young marijuana plants outside, germinate them first indoors. In order not to waste time on weeding out male cannabis plants out from you outdoor guerrilla farm, start growing feminized marijuana seeds.

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