Growing Marijuana Tips for New and Experienced Marijuana Growers: Common Mistakes in Growing Pot and How to Correct Them

Depending on the type of marijuana strain to grow, cultivating weed can be done with ease or experience or some sort of expertise is necessary to get high yield. For first time growers, obtaining growing marijuana tips from various pot websites, forums and asking guides from experienced growers can do a lot of help to avoid mistakes that may affect plants’ growth and amount of harvest and even cannabis gardener’s security. However, if you want to avoid the information overload then you would need to have a more organized growing marijuana eBook or guide. It might cost you around $50 or more but it is worth your money because you will be guided with the correct growing methods and you can avoid from getting some problems with you grow.

Common Mistakes of Some Beginner Growers and How to Correct Them:

▪ Touching the germinating pot seeds

New growers usually are overexcited to see the tiny marijuana seedlings. Never touch the germinating seeds because you might kill them. Allow at least 10 days for the seeds to fully sprout. Be extra careful when handling the seedlings as you transfer them to the growing medium of your choice.

▪ Telling friends about the growing activity

Growing your own weed is fun and rewarding but as much as you can, never tell it to other people. Do not brag to your friends and keep your weed growing activity by yourself.

▪ Feeding too many nutrients/over fertilizing

It’s a common mistake done by several new marijuana horticulturists because they think that feeding the plants with more nutrients will produce a bigger yield. Do not fertilize the plants more often as this may only cause stress on them. Feed them with the basic nutrients NPK and give them the right type and amount of nutrients necessary for each stage of growth. Read about growing marijuana tips from different websites and know the basic and the secondary nutrients that are necessary to produce fast-growing plants with big and potent buds.

▪ Growing unknown marijuana seeds or cheap seeds from unknown sources

Unless you are growing a pack of feminized cannabis seeds, expect to have both male and female weed plants in your garden. Do not use unknown seeds and buy only from a reputable breeder or seed bank if you want to make sure of getting high-quality seeds with high success in germination. Buying cheap seeds does not mean you are saving a lot of money. Look for a seed source that offers high-quality seeds at reasonable prices.

▪ Harvesting the buds too early

Harvest period is the most awaited time by most marijuana growers since they can already enjoy the reward of their labor. Novice growers often are getting very excited to taste those buds and harvest them early. Harvesting too early may not give a satisfying THC and potency. The best time to start harvesting the buds is when 50 to 75% of the pistils change their color.

Growing marijuana tips or a growing marijuana eBook are necessary for experienced and most especially for beginners in a growing pot in order to avoid the most common mistakes in weed cultivation. Knowing the ways on how to correct these mistakes will result in a more productive marijuana growth.

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